I’m back: new blog “Eve of Disruption”

So.. that took longer than I thought!

Yes I’m back after a long break. If you’re interested I’ve started a new blog called “Eve of Disruption”.

Come on over, read and comment. It’s just starting but I’d love to any former readers make the transition.



6 thoughts on “I’m back: new blog “Eve of Disruption”

  1. louploup2 says:

    First one! Everyone else in your time zone is asleep?

    In U.S., denial has retreated to 45% of Congress. COP21, whooppee; now all we need to do is act on it.

  2. Mike Marriott says:

    It’s amazing how prevalent denial still is? Hoping to discuss the reasons for this.

    And thanks for being first! And for coming back 🙂

    New years eve here.. maybe not the best time to start, but I’m on holidays.

  3. Chris O'Neill says:

    how prevalent denial still is

    They were deprived of their “no statistically significant warming in 18 years in any data set” meme this year (usually dishonestly shortened to “no warming in 18 years”). They simply move the goalposts to “no warming in the satellite data for 18 years” and make up a worldwide conspiracy theory about every last one of the surface data sets. Denial will never end.

  4. Steve says:

    Welcome back, and ‘happy’ new year!

  5. uknowiss says:

    Well it’s about bloody time!

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