Subject: The watermelon theory

Watermelons: the idea that socialism and environmentalism is the same thing


The above post traces how paranoia about “reds under the bed” manifests itself today:

We can point the finger at the likes of Exxon, the Koch’s and the conservative think tanks for fostering “climate change skepticism. But I think the roots of denial are much deeper than that. 

As the above examples show, the fear that other “forces” are going to diminish the power, status and authority of individuals (and by extension the industries they work for or the companies they run) fuels denial. 

It explains why behind every new scientific discovery – from evolution to relativity – religious and social conservatives react with such alarm. Many of those who opposed Einstein’s theory felt their status and achievements where being swept away (Stark). 

Others, whose fears were grounded in ignorance and fear, recast their concerns as a political issue. Thus, those opposed to fluoridation where already anti-communist, and therefore assumed what they did not like must have it’s roots in communism. 

However, another key feature of all these movements and their reactions to science was a conspiratorial world view.

4 thoughts on “Subject: The watermelon theory

  1. James Delingpole- who loves the theory so much he named a book after it seems to have lifted much of his thoughts for his Watermelons [ch 8 I think] from this web site
    which is run by fundamentalists looking for signs of the coming End Time.- they have a more honest sister site.

  2. Peter says:

    There is no link between climate change skepticism and anti- fluoridation or anti- vaccination movements or religious fanaticism. There is a link between the political left and belief in Global Warming, hence it is a politicised science not objective science in the eyes of many. The main paranoid conspiracy these days involve those who see the Koch bros, who hardly anyone knows anything about, behind every anti – global warming comment ever made.

    • Fred says:

      There funding of denial movements, including those of big tobacco, is well-established. Your ignorance is willful.

  3. Ed Darrell says:

    The idea that the modern environmental movement in the west got anything from communists in the Soviet Bloc is not only tenuous — it absolutely denies reality.

    Environmental movements start in rich nations, in countries usually with a rich tradition of what we now call capitalism, with strong conservative and therefore conservation values. In reality, environmentalism owes more to Rockefellers than to Lenins and Stalins.

    But of course, you gotta read history to know that.

    See here:

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