Profile: Dr David Evans

Analysis of the work of Dr David Evans, climate sceptic

“David Evans has written up a paper that describes just what kind of Octopus we are dealing with, and it’s bigger and more insidious than almost anything you can imagine. It’s a long paper, but if you are not aware of how our currencies are created out of thin air, backed by nothing, and why the Global Financial Crisis was not a surprise to those of us watching the money supply, then stand back, hold onto your hats and take a deep breath.

It’s like living in The Matrix. (Jo Nova)”

Dr David Evans is a prominent climate sceptic residing in Perth (see biography here). Evans has made a number of claims about the role of banking institutions throughout history and that climate change is merely a cover for a massive power play”.

On perceived Antisemitism of some of the claims: in the work of Evans one can detect motifs, language, chronologies and references that parallel older conspiracy theories.

It is important to note that Evans makes no statements on race, religion of those supposedly controlling the world behind the scenes.

Having said that, the continued use of phrases such as “international bankers”, “banksters”, “banking families”, “gold smiths”, references to centuries long conspiracies, the Rothschild’s and the use of climate change as a cover for one-world government” are – to say the least – highly problematical.

The following posts draw together several years observations on the work of Dr. David Evans and Jo Nova.


Drawing upon the work of researchers in conspiracy culture – and extensive reading the literature of climate change sceptics and conspiracy culture – a great many parallels can be seen in the writing of Evans:

Evans is engaged in broadening and furthering the conspiracy culture in drawing together long-standing views on the roles of Jews, international bankers and the coming New World Order. 

This is typical of conspiracy theories: in general they broaden pre-existing theories and reshape them to incorporate contemporary anxieties. 

Evan’s chronology of world events posits the “paper aristocracy” as the literal inheritors of money and power from centuries ago and that they have been actively shaping history for centuries…

This is drawn from a reading of Evans paper “Manufacturing money, and global warming” in which Evans makes the following claims:

“There are a small number of families who, over the centuries, have amassed wealth through financial rent seeking. They are leading members of the paper aristocracy. For example, the Rothschilds are the biggest banking family in Europe, and were reputed to own half of all western industry in 1900. That sort of wealth doesn’t just dissipate, because unless the managers are incompetent the wealth tends to concentrate. The banking families don’t work for a living in the normal sense, like the rest of us. They avoid scrutiny and envy by blending in and make themselves invisible. Since they own or influence all sorts of media organizations, it isn’t too hard. There are unsubstantiated rumors and conspiracy theories, but nobody can really credibly say how much wealth and influence they have. 

What are the paper aristocracy going to do in the aftermath of the current huge bubble? The course and end of the bubble are quite foreseeable, so they must have a plan.

In the paper Evans claims the “banksters” conned the US into creating the Federal Reserve:

“Bankers know far more about banking and its subtle ramifications than politicians, and have usually been able to persuade, con, or bribe governments to do their bidding. The politicians, our representatives, are the patsies here. The banksters have conned government big time, including when they talked US President Woodrow Wilson into setting up the Federal Reserve in 1913 (which, by the way, Wilson later bitterly regretted)…”

He makes the claim the “banksters” had two US presidents killed:

“The paper aristocracy has overwhelming wealth. They own or influence all the media – if only because every media organization borrows from banks. They influence almost all the institutions that employ professional economists, by supplying the money for PhDs and providing most of the lucrative consulting jobs for economists. They buy politicians by the truckload. The banksters have even killed the occasional thorn in their side—including, probably, two US presidents, Lincoln and Garfield…”

This is not “financial history”: it is conspiracy making.


In this post I note the similarities between the claims of Evans and this video extolling the same conspiracy theories:

The above video contains startling echoes of the claims made by David Evans:

  • Rothschild family conspiracy theorizing
  • It directly references the 1996 documentary “The Money Masters” which Evans appears to be drawing upon
  • It states global warming is “hoax”
  • The video presents the same objections to the science circulating within the denial community
  • It states “agents of the Rothschild” where responsible for the establishment of the League of Nations and the later UN
  • It opposes carbon taxes as a “scam”, the same language of Evans and Nova
  • It suggests the real agenda of global warming is taxation, a global currency and global government

The video is here:


In the following post, I have drawn direct textual comparisons between statements made by Evans and other materials that can be readily classified “conspiracy theories”. In particular there are claims made by Evans that mirror those of a 1996 documentary known as “The Money Masters”:

Evans has clearly taken his cues from this documentary as the following illustrates. The film states the “money changers” had Lincoln killed, to quote: 

Bismarck well understood the Money Changers’ plan. Allegations that international bankers were responsible for Lincoln’s assassination surfaced in Canada 70 years later, in 1934. Gerald G. McGeer, a popular and well–respected Canadian attorney, revealed this stunning charge in a 5–hour speech before the House of Commons blasting Canada’s debt–based money system. Remember, it was 1934, the height of the Great Depression which was ravaging Canada as well elsewhere. 

The film makes the following claim about the assassination of President Garfield: 

Three years later, the American people elected Republican James Garfield President. Garfield understood how the economy was being manipulated. As a Congressman, he had been chairman of the Appropriations Committee, and was a member of the Banking and Currency Committee. After his inauguration, he slammed the Money Changers publicly in 1881: 

“Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce… and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” 

Garfield understood. Within a few weeks of making this statement, on July 2 of 1881, President Garfield was assassinated. 

Evans states the following on page 9: 

The paper aristocracy has overwhelming wealth. They own or influence all the media – if only because every media organization borrows from banks. They influence almost all the institutions that employ professional economists, by supplying the money for PhDs and providing most of the lucrative consulting jobs for economists. They buy politicians by the truckload. The banksters have even killed the occasional thorn in their side—including, probably, two US presidents, Lincoln and Garfield 


In this post I noted that in another Evans paper, “Climate coup – the politics”, he claims the failed COP15 meeting was actually a failed take over of the globe by what he calls “the regulatory class”. To quote Evans in full:

All of that national sovereignty would have been ceded to an unelected group of global bureaucrats: Never in the field of human administration would so much power have been transferred by so many to so few. This was a narrowly averted global coup, an attempt to seize a great deal of power by stealth without the knowledge or explicit consent of the world’s people. It can only have been kept silent with the active support of the world’s media. But because of that silence, the coup has never been acknowledged, so the people of the world are unaware of it and further attempts could be made. Climate “science” is clearly flawed, but it is an excuse for a massive power play.

I also note the parallels with earlier texts on “international bankers” in the work of conspiracy theorists from the 1950s:

Evan’s views are very similar to the view of the John Birch society of the 1950s and 1960s that posited the existence of a shadowy cabal of “international bankers” working for centuries to take over the globe. Evans writes extensively on the establishment of the Federal Reserve and the history of “bankers” which are all hall marks of this strain of conspiracy thinking. 

It also mimics the work of American writer and conservative Mary M. Davidson who published a book in 1966 titled “The Profound Revolution“. Davidson argued a cabal of bankers had been working to create a world government. 

One of the steps the “bankers” took was urge the creation of the US Federal Reserve. Evans does not cite Davidson – he provides no references in his paper – however her work was very popular and has strongly influenced conspiracy culture.


In a December 2010 post, Jo Nova spoke approvingly of a “viral” video that promoted the idea that President Obama was going to usher in a police state brought about by a manufactured financial crisis. Nova stated the following on her blog [1]:

Could this happen in a day? No. But over a few weeks or months, maybe. The US debt level (compared to its GDP) is now higher than it’s ever been. The easiest way to pay off these debts (and possibly the only way left now) is to print money. The new money is digital, so no one will need a wheelbarrow. (Did you hear the one about the German in 1923 who got mugged on his way to buy a loaf of bread with a wheelbarrow load of cash? The mugger dumped the cash and took the wheelbarrow.)

The video is here:

Note: the prominence of gold buying/selling and the role of the Federal Reserve. This post and Nova’s approval of its content demonstrate a continued pattern of theorizing financial institutions will usher in a period of economic collapse in which an elite will “b buy up all the assets” and thus impose a system of economic and political control.



Initial post that discussed the 2009 paper by Dr David Evans that was promoted on Jo Nova’s website, in which Nova claimed carbon is the second biggest scam in history:

Nova and Evans seem to believe that the current powers-that-be are intent on using fiat money to exert political control over the global population and have been working towards this end for centuries. As noted, fiat money is a particular obsession of “New World Order” fantasists who believe a shadowy cabal are trying to create a one world government through the UN, IPCC and international treaties. 

This is truly the “paranoid style of politics”. 

It clearly explains Nova’s rabid hatred of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which in her eyes is nothing more than a massive scam to create “false wealth” and yet another lever of power to be used by “them”.

Dr David Evans addressing Perth “Anti-Carbon Tax” rally , March 23 2011: “TO CURB EMISSION ON A WORLD SCALE MIGHT EVEN LEAD TO A WORLD GOVERNMENT” 

In public address Dr David Evans makes the following claim at 12.15 in the video:

“Official climate science, which is funded and directed entirely by government, promotes a theory that is based on a guess about moist air that is now a known falsehood. Governments gleefully accept their advice, because the only way to curb emissions are to impose taxes and extend government control over all energy use. And to curb emissions on a world scale might even lead to world government — how exciting for the political class!” 

11 thoughts on “Profile: Dr David Evans

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  6. […] are to join the climate change denial talk circuit as experts.  This excellent article from Watching the Deniers details the claims made by Nova and Evans over the years.  And they call US alarmists! Paranoia […]

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  8. columodwyer says:

    After reading your article as a sort of primer to who David Evans is I’m a little confused – There are a few quotes where the source is unclear, or it even seems like you are (I may be wrong) quoting yourself. I think it’s worth saying, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who found this a bit more confusing than is necessary.

    While I now feel its worth understanding that Evans has a particular slant I can’t understand why you for instance, attack him for echoing views put forward from previous texts (in the case of a documentary for instance) while not actually critiquing the core argument or point.

    There’s nothing wrong with an objective, unemotional stance.

    It would, in fact make both your stance and the stance of David Evans more credible.

    • Ken Macdonald says:

      I would like to echo your request to actually deal with the substance of Dr D. Evans argument about the faulty math in the IPCC computer models. The fact that you do NOT deal with it says to me that he is quite likely correct?!

      • columodwyer says:

        I thought it was quite clear I’m not coming down on your side or his.

        My use of the word ‘side’ makes me shudder. It’s a juvenile way to look at things.

        In fact I was just making a statements regarding the clarity of the text & method of criticism of Evans.

  9. […] The obsession with World Government strikes me as strange. Perhaps, Dr Evans is into this conspiracy. The rule of law on a global scale, which is required to stop violence and the cycle of revenge with indiscriminate killing requires co-ordination, and one supposes some form of government. The failure of the US Constitution is that it does not constrain its government, and since this is typical, lawlessness and murder is the method of state power. […]

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