Inboxgate: names of sceptic bloggers contacted revealed for NASA paper, sceptics still not happy

Stephan Lewandowsky has released the names of the sceptic blogs/bloggers contacted to participate in the survey that informed the paper NASA faked the moon landing | Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax: An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science, Lewandowsky

Recall the climate sceptics demanded their immediate release, otherwise they would continue to publish angry blog posts.

For those interested:

So here they are:

  • Dr Roger Pielke Jr (he replied to the initial contact)
  • Mr Marc Morano (of Climatedepot; he replied to the initial contact)
  • Dr Roy Spencer (no reply)
  • Mr Robert Ferguson (of the Science and Public Policy Institute, no reply)

It will be noted that all 4 have publically stated during the last few days/weeks that they were not contacted.

All four denied – funny word that – they had been contacted.

Read the comments associated with Lewandowsky’s post.


9 thoughts on “Inboxgate: names of sceptic bloggers contacted revealed for NASA paper, sceptics still not happy

  1. Should we really be surprised that climate change denialists are extremely economical with the truth?

  2. Keith AB says:

    You might want to catch up a little , so here you go . .

    • Sou says:

      What a foolish crowd at WUWT. Replete with death threats and all (one snipped by Smokey with abject apologies to the poster who made it, one remaining).

      • Watching the Deniers says:

        It’s getting ugly, the hate machine is spinning out of control. From a risk management perspective, this chatter is concerning.

  3. Keith AB says:

    If WUWT is a bit too much for you how about Steve . .

    Looks to me like there is some firefighting going on over at UWA

  4. Sou says:

    Ha ha, Steve McIntyre is now accusing Stephan of using fake data – just because he doesn’t like it. Then he complains ad nauseum about his posts being deleted on Stephan’s blog, so he keeps on posting about using fake data so he can get more posts deleted so he can complain some more.

    Then Steve snips uknowispeaksense on CA!

    Poor old Steve isn’t getting an awful lot of sympathy on his own blog either. He’s getting old, tired and out of time. Auditing is such a tedious business, isn’t it.

  5. […] by Google Reader/GRUML at 7:21 AET (17:21 Eastern). Michael Marriott, a coauthor of Fury, wrote a cover post at 17:13 AET. Lucia did a new post on the five blogs at 17:30 […]

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