Downfall: Anthony Watts versus sea ice

The downfall videos are a standard trope of all debates these days, but this did make me chuckle:

Best line: “Everyone who isn’t a blog scientist please leave the room”

4 thoughts on “Downfall: Anthony Watts versus sea ice

  1. Nick says:

    ‘ Call Steven Goddard ‘. Hilarious. Goddard’s perverse nonsense even made Watts blink.

    Goddard’s contortions on Arctic sea ice are truly gruesome. He then mixes his deliberate data avoidance with uninhibited hate directed at anything not Republican. All this under the byline “Just having fun”…. It’s like observing an oblivious lunatic in a padded cell.

  2. Tony Duncan says:

    Steve has apparently banned me again. I tell you this being, banned being allowed to post, and being banned again is VERY stressful. That video is hysterical. “your blog on climate elves was excellent” almost had me LOLing, and I NEVER use those acronyms.

  3. […] 2012/09/02: WtD: Downfall: Anthony Watts versus sea ice […]

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