Protocols of the elder climate scientists and banksters (part 2): Rothschild’s, money masters and global warming

Money masters and global warming video: “Debunking David De Rothschild And The Global Warming Hoax”

Some follow-up material which clearly demonstrates Perth climate sceptic Dr. David Evans is drawing upon conspiracy culture (for background see the post Protocols of the elder climate scientists and banksters):

The above video contains startling echoes of the claims made by David Evans:

  • Rothschild family conspiracy theorizing
  • It directly references the 1996 documentary “The Money Masters” which Evans appears to be drawing upon
  • It states global warming is “hoax”
  • The video presents the same objections to the science circulating within the denial community
  • It states “agents of the Rothschild” where responsible for the establishment of the League of Nations and the later UN
  • It opposes carbon taxes as a “scam”, the same language of Evans and Nova
  • It suggests the real agenda of global warming is taxation, a global currency and global government

The video is posterd by YouTube user WAKEUPCALLCHANNEL2. Without doubt Evans is drawing upon the same sources and theories currently circulating within conspiracy culture. The text that accompanies the videos states:

Watch The Money Masters for more information. Watch Global Warming or Global Governance. Research AGENDA 21 and NLE09. Watch Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement and The Obama Deception. The Truth shall set you FREE. FREE YOUR MIND FROM THE LIES.

The section of “The Money Masters” that explains the vast “international bankers” theory can be seen below. I suggest browsing the comments section to see how people interpret how the codes words and phrases are interpreted by the audience:

Fighting the wrong war: decoding the work of  the deniers will yield greater results

In order to understand the conspiracy theories of the likes of Evans, Monckton it is vital to bypass the sanitized version of their work that appears in the mainstream media. However, a close reading of all their writing and media performances provides the necessary cues for analysis and reading.

The victory of the denialists can be attributed to a strategic failure: far too much countering the scientific arguments of  sceptics such as Evans.

I now believe this has been a deeply flawed strategy: we should have paid far greater attention to their politics and world view. We should have zeroed in on the outrageous conspiracy claims – and the delusional nature – of the sceptics movement. It would have yielded a far greater understanding of the sceptic movement as a whole and informed different approach to countering their claims.

We granted them the label “sceptic” when it should always have been “denier”.

All the energy we spent countering the scientific arguments of Evans, Monckton, Plimer, Singer and the like was perhaps a wasted effort.

Hence their “victory”.

We should be honest with our selves and admit we fought the wrong battle.


It’s time to change our tactics, and time to fight a different battle. It’s also time to set a new victory condition.

What does victory look like?

I suggest it is the side lining and destruction of the climate sceptic movement as a political and cultural force.

[Hat tip reader Skygodsversusearthlings for the first video.]

6 thoughts on “Protocols of the elder climate scientists and banksters (part 2): Rothschild’s, money masters and global warming

  1. harry says:

    i see no point in denying climate change, the climate is and has always been, changing. come to the southeast of south australia and i’ll show you the evidence. i’m not sure what is causing the present warming phase, i’d need to come back in 10,000 years to give an informed opinion. that said, i think that we should all be hoping that the warming IS human induced, if it is not, we’re buggered, as we cannot do anything about it! cheers

  2. Teletran1 says:

    When are you actually going to refute the material? Do you think it is enough to just write a list of claims? You need to deal with these claims and explain clearly why they are flawed and show evidence that another reality is true. I would love to see you take these theories apart piece by piece, so why dont you?

  3. James says:

    Again Mike, all you have done here is implied there is a connection between the things David Evans believes and the Rothschilds and the material you have put up here. If you are going to criticise Evans, then please use material Evans actually write, not other material and just make a wild claim that this is just like what Evans thinks.

    What is this fascination you have with Evans who is pretty much an unknown. Was he an old school or University acquaintance who bullied you or embarrassed you or stole your girlfriend? It just doesn’t seem very rational Mike, It feels a bit like stalking, but you really aren’t providing any evidence.

    Same with Monckton. How about using what Monckton says and writes against him so at least he or others can write and defend that if they could be bothered, but they can hardly be expected to defend something that has nothing to do with them.

    Nevertheless I will repeat for the few readers you have, that there are actually a group or global bankers, industrialists and royals and ex-political leaders who are members of an exclusive club who can be traced back to having established the United Nations, UNEP, the IPCC, the term ‘Sustainability’ and who have been pushing the ‘Green Agenda’ for the last four decades. It suits their stated goals. land on which the UN was built was donated by the Rockerfellers, Some of today’s most active members are George Soros, Gorbachov,, Anan, Clinton, Blair, . Of course I’m talking about the Club of Rome. See

    “The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”- Club of Rome

    Democracy is not a panacea. It cannot organize everything and it is unaware of its own limits. These facts must be faced squarely. Sacrilegious though this may sound, democracy is no longer well suited for the tasks ahead. The complexity and the technical nature of many of today’s problems do not always allow elected representatives to make competent decisions at the right time.”

    Al Gore – former VP of the USA, leading climate change campaigner, Nobel Peace Prize winner, He chaired a meeting of the full Club of Rome held in Washington DC in 1997.
    Javier Solana – Secretary General of the Council of the European Union, High Representative for EU Foreign Policy.
    Maurice Strong – former Head of the UN Environment Programme, Chief Policy Advisor to Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit, co-author (with Gorbachev) of the Earth Charter, co-author of the Kyoto Protocol, founder of the Earth Council, devout Baha’i.
    Mikhail Gorbachev – CoR executive member, former President of the Soviet Union, founder of Green Cross International and the Gorbachev Foundation, Nobel Peace Prize winner, co-founder (with Hidalgo) of the Club of Madrid, co-author (with Strong) of the Earth Charter.
    Anne Ehrlich – Population Biologist. Married to Paul Ehrlich with whom she has authored many books on human overpopulation. Also a former director of Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club, and a member of the UN’s Global Roll of Honor.
    Hassan bin Talal – President of the CoR, President of the Arab Thought Forum, founder of the World Future Council, recently named as the United Nations ‘Champion of the Earth’.
    Sir Crispin Tickell – former British Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Permanent Representative on the Security Council, Chairman of the ‘Gaia Society’, Chairman of the Board of the Climate Institute, leading British climate change campaigner.
    Kofi Annan – former Secretary General of the United Nations. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
    Javier Perez de Cuellar – former Secretary General of the United Nations.
    Gro Harlem Bruntland – United Nations Special Envoy for Climate Change, former President of Norway
    Robert Muller – former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, founder and Chancellor of the UN University of Peace.
    The Dalai Lama – The ‘Spiritual Leader’ of Tibet. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
    David Rockefeller – CoR executive member, former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, founder of the Trilateral Commission, executive member of the World Economic Forum, donated land on which the United Nations stands.
    Stephen Schneider – Stanford Professor of Biology and Global Change. Professor Schneider was among the earliest and most vocal proponents of man-made global warming and a lead author of many IPCC reports.
    Bill Clinton – former President of the United States, founder of the Clinton Global Initiative.
    Jimmy Carter – former President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
    Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft, philanthropist
    Garret Hardin – Professor of Human Ecology. Originator of the ‘Global Commons’ concept. Has authored many controversial papers on human overpopulation and eugenics.
    Ted Turner – media mogul, philanthropist, founder of CNN
    George Soros – multibillionaire, major donor to the UN
    Tony Blair – former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
    Deepak Chopra – New Age Guru
    Jane Goodall – Primatologist and Evolutionary Biologist
    Juan Carlos I – King of Spain
    Prince Philippe of Belgium
    Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
    Dona Sophia – Queen of Spain
    José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero – current Prime Minister of Spain
    Karan Singh – Former Prime Minister of India, Chairman of the Temple of Understanding
    Ernesto Zedillo – Director of The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization
    Eduard Shevardnadze – former Soviet foreign minister and President of Georgia
    Richard von Weizsacker – former President of Germany
    Carl Bildt – former President of Sweden
    Kim Campbell – former Prime Minister of Canada and Senior Fellow of the Gorbachev Foundation
    Vincente Fox – former President of Mexico
    Helmut Kohl – former Chancellor of Germany
    Romano Prodi – former Prime Minister of Italy and President of the European Commission
    Vaclav Havel – former President of the Czech Republic
    Tapio Kanninen – Director of Policy and Planning, United Nations
    Konrad Osterwalder – Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Peter Johnston – Director General of European Commission
    Jacques Delors – Former President of the European Commission
    Domingo Jimenez-Beltran – Executive Director of the European Environment Agency
    ‘Emeka Anyaoku – former Commonwealth Secretary General, current President of the World Wildlife Fund
    Wangari Maathai – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, founder of the Green Belt Movement
    A full list of full members is here: and other members can be obtained from the Club of Rome and Associated Websites.

    Read here a history of Agenda 21 and why it is opposed:

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