Jo Nova reveals climate science’s endgame: controlling the world BWAH HA HA!!!


Tin foil hat alert!

Jo Nova likes to call climate change the second biggest scam in history? And the largest scam? She is still hinting at the real agenda of the bankers, scientists, governments, and /or aliens who really control the world.

As I noted earlier in the year, Nova and her husband subscribe to a fringe conspiracy theory known as the “economic collapse”.

In short, the “elites” are about to usher in an age of hyperinflation in order to cement their hold on power:

Amongst the conspiracy “community” there is often talk about the coming “general economic collapse”. According to this theory – and it has many forms – an elite will usher in an age of hyper-inflation in order to impoverish citizens in the developed world. Having achieved this they be in possession of the only real assets (property, gold) and thus have even greater political power… Depending on the conspiracy these “elites” are either the Freemasons, Fabians or Bliderberg Group.

This week Nova is starting to hint at her deeply held beliefs about this conspiracy:

You might think inflation and climate science are only linked metaphorically. But the corruption in science is fed by the corruption in our currencies.

The monetary system that allows a privileged few to print money from nothing is the same system that allows massively misdirected spending. When there are so few controls on the growth of money, there is less negative feedback, fewer brakes and virtually no limits. If the system is swimming with easy money, people can “afford” to build wildly extravagant and unproductive things, like wind-farms, carpets of solar panels, or symbolic rivers of blue plastic.

The argument, if you can follow it, goes like this:

  • the “paper aristocracy” are manipulating the markets in order to usher in an age of hyperinflation
  • scientists made up global warming to help create a “fiat” currency (carbon credits)
  • the purpose is to fund the building of wind farms

Of course, it was there for all of us to see!

But wait, there’s more… just how far down the rabbit hole are you prepared to go?

Well… it begins with Wall Street and ends with the US under a military dictatorship.

I kid you not.

Actually, it’s not about wind farms: it is about Obama the antichrist!

Fortunately Jo Nova has spotted the warming signs:

But while inflation may be the only road out of the debt-pit, no one in power will be issuing a press release. Those in control of the currency will be doing all they can to ensure the appearance of inflation lags far behind the reality, to keep inflationary expectations low. The “best” kind of inflation for the central banks that inflate our money supply to the advantage of banks and government, is the invisible kind (and we’ve had a lot of that in the last two decades). Once the punters wake up to it, they start demanding wage rises, and then the exponential acceleration takes off like an A380.

Yes, yes! It all makes sense!

How could I have been so foolish to think global warming was an issue, when in reality a cabal of vested interests is about to usher in the Economic Collapse!

Nova trumpets a video by the “National Inflation Association“, a group dedicated to “preparing Americans for hyperinflation”. The NIA prepared the video as it was “apparent” the US is headed for a complete societal collapse:

“There are now countless warning signs all around us on a daily basis that the U.S. is headed for a complete societal collapse. NIA received an overwhelming response from its members when we asked you to submit any signs you see that a societal collapse is near. The response we received was so strong that we are now beginning to produce a documentary about America’s upcoming collapse of society. The documentary will be over an hour long and we are hoping to release it by the end of October. It will go beyond the economic facts and statistics that were discussed in ‘Meltup’ and help expose the upcoming collapse from a real life perspective…”

Watch the video here:

It suggests:

  • The US is about to an economic collapse that will take place over the course of a morning
  • It will descend into societal collapse in a matter of hours
  • It is an excuse by Obama to usher in a military dictatorship
  • Cats and dogs living together in sin! Madness!  

Nova thinks this is real, as she states “parts of this projected scenario are happening”. 

The NIA has released a series of videos on this conspiracy theory with such tag lines as “How the U.S. is headed for a complete societal collapse! The most important film of all time!” 

How could you resist watching them?

I couldn’t. 

And I loved every silly, nutty moment of them. I have a fondness for conspiracy theories, I think they’re rather fun and interesting products of the zeitgeist.

And as I’ve noted before, Nova’s thinking is infected with a conspiratorial world view.

I think we can we all agree these people are insane.

Seriously – how much longer are we going to take the likes of Nova, Evans and the like seriously?

10 thoughts on “Jo Nova reveals climate science’s endgame: controlling the world BWAH HA HA!!!

  1. How long? As long as their nonsense creates parrots too slow to pick up the obvious flaws. lol

  2. EoR says:

    Amongst the conspiracy ‘community’ there’s also a belief the world will end in 2012. So there’s clearly no need to worry about ‘general economic collapse’.

    And if climate science is fake (because temperature lags behind CO2 increases by hundreds of years) then surely ‘general economic collapse’ is fake (since inflation lags behind reality)?

    Even if this were true, who would actually benefit? Who has all those assets? Not the Koch brothers, surely?

    Actually, it appears Jo Nova lags behind reality.

  3. zoot says:

    Will this all happen before or after the rapture?

  4. fredorth says:

    I know people who really believe in this junk. Crazy is a kind word for their minds.

  5. klem says:

    I hope you’re right.

    Have a look at the US money supply:

  6. Berbalang says:

    When you dig down through all the conspiratorial crap the deniers spout, it turns out to be those pesky Illuminati again. I could just pinch them!

    Seriously, the bankers they refer to are the Rothschild’s and the talk of one world government ought to be a major red flag! It doesn’t take rocket science to see that the deniers have latched on the old Illuminati Conspiracy nonsense.

  7. bexcobham says:

    Berbalang, seeing as some conspiracy theorists believe that the world is run by shapeshifting reptiles, who knows what they will think of next!

  8. EoR says:

    The Jewish banking families are engineering global warming because they don’t like elephants.

    “I’m very concerned because I think the Jews want to drive the elephants to extinction because the trunk of an elephant reminds them of an uncircumcised penis. I’m absolutely serious about that… Jews are sick, they’re mental cases.”
    Bobby Fischer

    Jo Nova and David Evans are the elephant’s friends.

  9. bexcobham says:

    I like elephants as much as the next person, but most conspiracies should come with the disclaimer ‘Intended for entertainment purposes only’. Apart from the one about how Moon is a giant spaceship that’s enslaving humanity in a holographic prison. David Icke said so, so it must be true!

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