Penn State clears Michael Mann of all charges… now, will Climategate please go away?

Further proof – if it was needed – that Climategate was a faux scandal.

Penn State clears Mann of any charges of misconduct:

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pennsylvania, July 1, 2010 (ENS) – A Pennsylvania State University investigative committee today cleared a well-known Penn State climate scientist of research misconduct, in connection with pilfered e-mails about global warming called Climategate.

Penn State meteorology professor Michael Mann has been cleared of any wrongdoing, according to the report resulting from the four-month long internal investigation that was released today.

Mann was under investigation for allegations of research impropriety that surfaced last year after thousands of stolen e-mails were published online.

With the Sunday Times retracting the article that kicked off “Amazongate”, it looks like another one of the claims of the deniers has no basis in fact.

According to the 19 page report there is “no substance” to the claims that Mann acted in anything but a professional manner.

To quote the report on the value of Mann’s work:

“Dr. Mann’s record of publication in peer reviewed scientific journals offers compelling evidence that his scientific work is highly regarded by his peers, thus offering de facto evidence of his adherence to established standards and practices regarding the reporting of research. To date, Dr. Mann is the lead author of39 scientific publications and he is listed as co-author on an additional 55 pUblications. The majority of these publications appeared in the most highly respected scientific journals, i.e., journals that have the most rigorous editorial and peer reviews in the field. In practical terms, this means that literally dozens of the most highly qualified scientists in the world scrutinized and examined every detail of the scientific work done by Dr. Mann and his colleagues and judged it to meet the high standards necessary for publication…”

Of course, the deniers will mutter about “conspiracies” and the University “protecting its own”.

In order for Mann to be wrong the entire scientific community has to be on the scam, the peer-review process corrupted and governments, the UN, IPCC and universities also have to be in on the conspiracy.

This is what is called a “cascading conspiracy”.

In order to justify one claim of a conspiracy, further allegations of other conspiracies also need to be made to the point of absurdity.

Now, will Climategate please go away?

5 thoughts on “Penn State clears Michael Mann of all charges… now, will Climategate please go away?

  1. Hammiesink says:

    “Now, will Climategate please go away?”

    Nope. All this will do is prove how deep the conspiracy goes.

    Whitewash! Coverup! Librul hoax! Commie plot!

  2. John R T says:

    Interesting comments on Bishophill, whilst the host relaxes. E.g.,

    “The climate scientist most associated with efforts to reconciling warring factions, Judith Curry of the Georgia Institute of Technology, said the idea of IPCC scientists as “self-appointed oracles, enhanced by the Nobel Prize, is now in tatters“. The outside world now sees that “the science of climate is more complex and uncertain than they have been led to believe“.

    • Nick says:

      I should think that concept was in tatters, John,given that neither the IPCC nor its contributing invitees were self-appointed,or self-described as oracles 🙂

      Curry is having a rhetorical wheeze for some purpose I can’t quite fathom.

      If the ‘outside world’ missed the complexity and nuanced uncertainty,it was through indifference to a notably transparent and accessible product.

  3. Tony Sidaway says:

    The Muir Russell inquiry today (July 7, 2010) vindicated the Climatic Research Unit, though it criticised the Unit’s lack of openness in the context of the UK FOIA and the developing blogosphere.

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