Addition to evidence library: TASSC and the genesis of the denial movement

More evidence.

I’m slowly building up the library of primary materials that trace both the development and the tactics of the climate change denial movement.

Today I’ve added the two leaked memos that show the genesis of the denial movement.

In 1993 “The Advancement of  Sound Science Association” (TASSC) was founded by Philip Morris to undermine the public’s understanding on the risks associated with smoking. This group morphed into a lobby group questioning a broad range issues in which the science was definitive.

The documents are quite literally amazing. As a history major, I both appreciate them as historical documents while at the same time I’m stunned that there isn’t a more general awareness of their existence.

If you have not read them do so: here’s the direct link between the deniers and industry.


3 thoughts on “Addition to evidence library: TASSC and the genesis of the denial movement

  1. Sou says:

    I find computer models preferable to doing all the calculations manually. Some modelling could only be dreamed about before computers were invented. Maybe Bolt would think calculations should all be done with the help of an abacus, or counting fingers.

    I use a computer model every day to help manage a share portfolio and have built and use simple models to help with budgeting, time management and specific management decision-making (for others as well as myself).

    Bolt just likes stirring the pot. It’s part of his job description to appear to be stupid and a luddite.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Indeed, but the sad thing is how large his audience is.

      The arguments of the deniers are silly, they get the science wrong and to those even a little informed their mistakes are easy to spot.

      But, they are not stupid. They know how to spin and sway large numbers of people. Hence, the situation we find ourselves in.

  2. manuelg says:

    Thank you for doing this. One of the must annoying things about the mainstream media with Anti-Science motivated obscurantism is focusing the chatter on the matter at hand:

    Who benefits financially from slowing down the process where society takes rational action consistent with the morality of the majority of society?

    It is crazy that this viewpoint is exactly the LAST one considered, when it should be the FIRST, based on knowledge of past successes of Anti-Science motivated obscurantism.

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