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Earth from space: amazing NASA video

Nothing on the climate debate today – some enjoyable eye candy for sceptic and warmist alike ūüėČ

Out of interest, I’ve just come across a great survey¬†on conspiracy beliefs: post up tomorrow discussing the results. Should be fun reading.

Hot planet – great free BBC documentary on what a 3 degree world may look like

Dear all, still busy at work. In the interim I highly recommend this great documentary as Video of the day:

It showcases: 

  • how scientists measure the historical concentration of CO2 using¬†Antarctic¬†ice cores
  • the changes to¬†ecosystems¬†such as coral reefs, Canadian forests and the Africa¬†savanna
  • a complete loss of Arctic sea ice by 2040
  • the dramatic increase in the duration of the US wildfire season
  • what we can expect in a 3 degree world


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The New Normal (Part 24): Forget everything you know about storms, Sandy is different

Via The Weather Channel:

Via The Weather Channel:

The storm will cover the entire eastern sea-board of the United States and extending into Canada:

“Forget about everything you know about storms that have come up the East coast before…”

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VOD: Amazing video showing declining volume of Arctic sea ice (1979-2012)

Video of the day – an interesting way to track the declining volume of Arctic summer sea ice:


Since 1979, the volume of Summer Arctic Sea Ice has declined by 75% and accelerating.

The first summer with an ice-free Arctic Ocean for at least a day is expected to happen within a decade. This video by Andy Lee Robinson illustrates the dramatic decline since 1979 until 2nd September 2012 (day 246). Sea Ice Volume is calculated using the Pan-Arctic Ice Ocean Modeling and Assimilation System (PIOMAS, Zhang and Rothrock, 2003) developed at APL/PSC.

VoD: How Earth avoided the grim fate of Venus…

A wonderful video from NASA, called “Dynamic Earth”,¬†exploring¬†the sun’s impact on our planet and how it powers the climate:

Just under 5 minutes, worth watching.

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