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Four climate changes in one day, or how Tim Blair can’t help but bring the stupid

Being a Melbourne lad, I take delight in the vagaries of our weather.

We take pride in the catch phrase “four seasons in one day” – one minute its beautifully sunny, the next you’re running for cover from pounding rain. Makes life interesting.

Now, if you live in Melbourne you’ll note it has been raining and a wee bit cold.

Does this have anything to do with climate change? Of course not. If the mercury hit the mid 40s, I wouldn’t ascribe that to climate change. I understand there is a difference between climate and weather. Unfortunately, our friends at News Limited are yet to learn that distinction.

The Daily Telegraphs Tim Blair – whose blog I’ve been reading this past few days – is won’t to practice the laziest forms of denial. He’s not even clever about it. At least Andrew Bolt is entertaining in his distinctive snarky/smarmy tone and creative use of facts.

Blair’s blog posts are the equivalent of “dad jokes”: predictable in going for the obvious punch line and not at all funny.

Viz, Tim Blair’s latest effort on his blog today.

Blair notes its cold today; therefore global warming is a hoax.

He even has a picture of a snow man.

See, it’s cold today and “warmists” say the world is getting hotter.. and zing! It’s not! Snowman!

As I said, “dad joke”.

Blair’s source for his understanding of climate change?

The Australian’s Imre Salusinszky who ironically notes its cold thanks to the “carbon tax””

IF you are reading this on a train or a bus, I want you to lean across and shake the hand of the man or woman sitting next to you. Folks, we did it. We beat global warming.

Last year, at this time, I wrote of how global warming was already on the retreat in Australia because of the way humanity, for once, put aside its differences and acted in unison…

As I noted yesterday, News Limited bloggers love citing each other as sources of information.

This is the “echo chamber” in action. I also suspect it’s a tactic to help boast hits to respective News Limited sites. More hits, equals more advertising dollars…

Or course, if the temperature was in the mid 40s with a hot northerly, Blair would be silent. If we had three days of temperatures in the 40s Tim would be silent. But a few rainy days and a slight chill… well you get the idea.

Lets do science with Tim Blair!

So let’s practice climate science just like Tim!

Picture yourself walking the streets of Melbourne.

Its 9.35am, and your walking down Bourke Street and and feel a little warm…

“Oh my god climate change is making things hotter!” you scream.

At 10.37am, dark clouds roll across the city and rain begins to fall…

“Brrrrrr…immenent ice age!” you mutter in horror.

By 2.33pm its sunny again, so much so you might need to take of your jacket.

In fact, you might need to stand in the shade.

And yet by 7.52pm you’re feeling decidedly cooler!

You also note the sun appears to be disappearing!

Its getting darker!

Oh my god!

The sun is dying! The sun is dying!

Is a devastating ice age imminent? Or is the planet heating up! Maybe both! Is it the heat death of the universe!?!?!?!

ZMOG! It’s a climatic ice-age-warming-catastrophic-Book-of-Revelations-universe-heat-death-thingy!!!!

Now… let’s just stop there for a moment.

If an individual simply translated their personal experiences of local conditions and assigned those same experiences to the rest of the globe – while also dismissing long-term trends and multiple lines of evidence – they’d be accused of being very, very stupid.

Wouldn’t they Tim…


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