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A quick message to Bird

The lovely G Bird ( a regular poster on Jo Nova’s blog) is bombing my site with offensive and threatening messages. Your doing your community a wonderful favor by demonstrating your rabid hatred. Shall I publish them and your ISP address?

More of these and your ISP address goes to the relevant authorities.

Have a nice day!

…and thanks for the hits, it should push me up Google’s search engine rankings.

Addendum: how I treat cyber-bullies

Now what did Clive Hamilton say about cyber-bulling? Orchestrated or not, it’s a vicious and cowardly act to use the Internet to intimidate and threaten people you don’t agree with. I’m taking Hamilton’s advice and keeping every example of these vile acts:

All threats have to be taken seriously, and at times warrant calling in the police. The police are able to trace anonymous emails to their sources and take action against those who send them. The police are now advising those who received abusive and threatening emails to resist the immediate urge to delete them and keep them in a separate folder for future reference.

And people wonder why the denial movement is fast losing credibility?

Addendum 2

Clive Hamiltons point about denialist bloggers stirring up hatred and stoking the fires of rabid, angry individuals need no further proof than G Bird’s continued harassment. Today’s continual stream of hate-messages include:

“You are such a f******* liar you stupid c***t.  They are not threatening messages. They are offensive messages.  What a dumb lying c**** you are.”

“So you got that evidence you stupid c***?”

Mr Bird, sending a continual stream of offensive, rude messages constitutes harassment and intimidation. You are providing a wealth of evidence of harassment. I believe that you have the capacity to understand that your actions are going to have consequences. My question to you is:

  • I wonder if people like Jo Nova have considered how your actions reflect poorly on them?
  • I wonder how well your actions reflect on the “climate change sceptic” community?
  • I wonder how proud those people are of your actions?
  • I wonder how proud your family would be to see your comments?
  • I wonder how proud – if you are a father – that your children would see you act in such a manner
  • I wonder how proud you are demonstrating that you cannot hold a civil conversation, and that your only response to those who disagree with you is to hurl the most vile abuse?

Perhaps I’ll put it this way: you make the rest of the “climate sceptic community” look like a bunch of nutters. You throw out wild assertions about “scientists” bullying and intimidating those who disagree with them, and yet the evidence above (for all to see) clearly shows what you are. You sir, are the very definition of a bully.

You many feel satisfaction in sending this blog your messages, but for the hundreds of people who read this blog every day, you’ve just proven Clive Hamilton’s point.

Well done indeed!

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