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Blackest day: stunning NASA images of NSW fires

Images from NASA allow us to appreciate the scope of the devastating NSW fires:


This satellite image was taken on October 17 (last Thursday), now regarded as one NSW’s worst fire days.

Earth from space: amazing NASA video

Nothing on the climate debate today – some enjoyable eye candy for sceptic and warmist alike 😉

Out of interest, I’ve just come across a great survey on conspiracy beliefs: post up tomorrow discussing the results. Should be fun reading.

VoD: How Earth avoided the grim fate of Venus…

A wonderful video from NASA, called “Dynamic Earth”, exploring the sun’s impact on our planet and how it powers the climate:

Just under 5 minutes, worth watching.

Age of Carbon? Fall of empires, the rise of Hitler, the collapse of Communism and rising temperatures: stunning NASA maps chart the emergence of the “new normal”

Temperature anomalies from NASA on a decade-by-decade basis since 1880.

The world as it was.


… the decade of the First World War, the collapse of Austrian-Hungarian, Russian, Chinese and German empires, Einstein publishes his theories, Picasso paints “Mademoiselles d’Avignon, the Battle of the Somme:

A short time later, the British Empire reaches its greatest territorial extent, the Japanese wage war in China, Ghandi is active in India, Hitler begins his rise to power, the first television broadcast, the Great Depression, and in 1939 Hitler invades Poland:


The Battle of Britain, the invasion of Russia by Hitler, the Holocaust, atomic weapons developed and dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, D-Day, the Bikini is invented:


The 1950s, a golden age? DNA is discovered, Castro comes to power, colour television, the Suez crisis, and NASA is founded:


The 1970’s… the fall of South Vietnam, Watergate, the “Oil Price” shock, Pink Floyd, Raging Bull and the God Father. Margaret Thatcher comes to power, ushering in the “neo-liberal” revolution:


A few decades later… 9/11, the Iraq War, the Global Financial Crisis, Facebook, the iPod and the rise of China:


Historians of the future will write of the “Age of Carbon”, when our empires and dreams were fuelled by fossil fuels.

Deep red: pretty maps, but oh so scary

NASA (via Climate Progress) reports hottest January-to-November on record:

This is the warmest January-November in the GISS analysis, which covers 131 years. However, it is only a few hundredths of a degree warmer than 2005, so it is possible that the final GISS results for the full year will find 2010 and 2005 to have the same temperature within the margin of error.

Note Australia for November: cooler in the east, but warmer in the west. States such as NSW, Victoria and Queensland have experienced devastating floods. The West is suffering under drought conditions.

As BoM notes;

Australia recorded its wettest spring on record for the 2010 September to November period. The area averaged total of 163 mm beat the previous record by 23 mm. This was achieved despite the widespread above-average rainfall again missing the southwest corner of the country, which is experiencing its driest year-to-date on record. Northern and eastern parts of the country have continued to receive above to very much above average rainfall, with Queensland, New South Wales and the NT all recording their wettest spring on record. All states recorded above average rainfall for spring, with all states except Tasmania recording totals placing them in their ten wettest springs on record…

Rainfall has been below average across much of southwest and southeast Australia since 1997, whilst central and southern parts of the Murray-Darling Basin have experienced below average rainfall since 2002. These long-term deficiencies have taken place against a background of well above average temperatures, including Australia’s warmest decade on record.

Rainfall deficiencies for WA:

Condolences to WA readers, I know there are a few that come to this blog.

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