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Blackest day: stunning NASA images of NSW fires

Images from NASA allow us to appreciate the scope of the devastating NSW fires:


This satellite image was taken on October 17 (last Thursday), now regarded as one NSW’s worst fire days.

Red: stunning image of Australia’s heat wave

Image of the day (source BoM):


How things looked at 5pm:


Hat tip Sou for link.

Image of the day: declining forests

Not so much an image, but a table showing the decline in world forests:

Some interesting trends: Europe has seen a steady reforestation, while in South America and Africa has seen the largest declines.

The trends are many: drought, wildfires, forestry management practices, new plantations etc.

There is of course the question of biodiversity.

Sure, more trees are good – but maintaining unique and fragile ecosystems is also worth fighting for.

They provide vital ecosystem services.

Image of the day: fire and smoke cover most of North America

Because this is normal and nothing to worry about:

Fire and smoke map for August 20. Red dots = active fires. White = smoke. (Click for larger live version.) NOAA | OSDPD

Image of the day: Lake Medina drops 16m in Texas drought

Quite a stunning image from National Geographic;


Image of the day: open cut lignite coal mine, Anglesea Victoria

One of Victoria’s open cut coal mines, located in Anglesea along the states majestic Great Ocean Road. The coal feeds the Anglesea Power Station, which in turn powers the Port Henry aluminum smelter.

The power station generates around 1.21 million tones of GHGs:

 Source: Google Maps


Image of the day: beautiful image of a Jade sun

NASA captures solar activity in this amazing image of the sun:

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