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PSA: community and discussion guidelines published under “About WtD”

Public service announcement: guidelines for the community, commenting, debate and discussion

I’ve been working on this for some time, but now is the best time to make explicit guide lines for behaviour.

These guidelines will be permanently housed underĀ About > Community and discussion guidelines

Watching the Deniers has grown in both readership and content over the past three years. And while WtD started as a “pet” project it has gained a (moderate) audience.

With that increased profile comes responsibilities for both myself and readers/posters of comments.

It would be remiss of me not provide guidelines of behaviour: not merely for myself, but to ensureĀ all readers and community members of WtD are protected.

This includes “alarmists”, “sceptics” and “luke warmists” alike.

I will be paying strict attention to all comments from this point forward. If the blog gets to the point were I cannot handle the volume, I will be seeking (trusted) volunteer moderators.

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