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Video: Climate change and the Queensland floods

Here is Video Dispatch #2 looking at the devastating Queensland floods and their connection to climate change:

The video also explores what Queenslander’s can expect with as the planet warms: climate change is here. We are going to see many more events such as these.

Donations for the flood appeal can be made via the Red Cross. There may come a time when anyone of us will be a victim of these kinds of extremes. Sadly, donations to help the victims of the flood have been critically low:

THE head of Queensland’s flood appeal says donations are so low they won’t go anywhere near helping those who have lost all their possessions. Terry Mackenroth said only $6 million had been raised, including $1 million each from the state and federal governments. ”For the amount of devastation I’ve seen just through watching television, it is not going to go anywhere near paying the sorts of claims we will receive,” he said. ”When someone’s house has been flooded, they probably don’t even have a toothbrush. They’ve lost everything.”

Please donate if can. 

Mike @ WtD

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