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On the flooding of the WTC memorial site: “After the horrible events of 9/11 we said never again. But this is what would happen…”

Al Gore’s did much to raise awareness of climate change with his film An Inconvenient Truth –which obviously explains the relentless war on the film and attempts at character assassination.

In a scene that now seems eerily prescient he demonstrates how rising sea levels and storm surges would impact different parts of the globe.

At one point the film shows the flooding of the WTC memorial site (go to 2:20 of clip):

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York, water poured into the WTC memorial site:

Today NYC stand battered, flooded and reported deaths at around 39.

Video of National Guard searching for residents in New Jersey, note the scale of the devestation:

A house is destroyed by the force of the storm:

Raw video footage of flooding:

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