IPCC says future in doubt if we don’t act know: time for climate disobediance

My most recent piece for Independent Australia, please share:

The warning cannot be any clearer:

“Australians, and the rest of the world’s citizens, must prepare to cope with a world that will be hotter than at any time in the history of the human species.”

That’s according to Professor Lesley Hughes at the Department of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University and lead author of the most recent IPCC report.

The just released report details both current and anticipated impacts of climate change (Working Group II).

Summarising some of the anticipated impacts, Professor Hughes stated:

“We will continue to see an increase in the impacts of extreme events such as heat waves, cyclones, droughts and bushfires, changed rainfall patterns, increased ocean acidification, and rising sea levels.

“The real fear is that at some point in the next few decades, without serious reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, we will pass a tipping point in the earth’s climate system.”


The full story is here!


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