Conspiracy theorist (not) appointed Tony Abbott’s climate science adviser [UPDATE]

Another “What th…” moment in the climate debate.

News coming in, need to verify and confirm (note original post has been taken down):

The elevation of Dr David Evans as a climate science adviser has a ring of familiarity.

Evans, a mining engineer with a PhD in mathematics, is not only a prominent climate change denier but subscribes to the conspiracy theory that “climate change is merely a cover for a massive power play”. His standing as a climate science expert is thus odd, but he is well enough credentialed for Tony Abbott. He is the person most likely to tell Tony Abbott what he wants to hear.

Yes, David Evans of the “Climate change is a global conspiracy” fame.


I’ve been seeking verification from various sources, and at this stage it would appear Evans has not become an adviser in any official capacity.

It was reported in various sources (hence my decision to comment), but without an official press release or confirmation from the Prime Minister’s office we can disregard what was reported. Initially I had some scepticism, hence the use of question marks and noting it needed to be verified in the original form of this post.

The best any of us in both the traditional and new media can do is verify facts and get confirmation. When we need to correct or clarify, we do so. The new media environment of Twitter and blogs is an exciting and fast paced. It is often the place where news is first reported. Just like traditional journalism what we do is the “first draft of history”.  This means there are times when an error is reported. When this is the case, we fix it. 

Many thanks.

Mike @ WtD




(Edited to reflect updates 11.2.14)




11 thoughts on “Conspiracy theorist (not) appointed Tony Abbott’s climate science adviser [UPDATE]

  1. Nick says:

    There is nothing in that article to suggest that this is happening…and so much evidence that if Evans was selected, Abbott would face a storm of criticism and derision, and real censure from peak science bodies.. I do hope the COALition is not completely and utterly in la-la land. ‘Completely’ I can handle, but ‘completely and utterly’ is a terminal condition.

    • uknowispeaksense says:

      Nick, if it is true, is it any worse than all the appointments he has made thus far? Tim Wilson, Maurice Newman etc? Even having a bloke who can’t count as the Treasurer barely raised a ripple, especially in the MSM. Like Mike, I am also checking to see if this is true. Given the track record, I wouldn’t be surprised. For Abbott it was likely a choice between Evans and Plimer.

      • Nick says:

        Is it any worse? Yes, it would even put Newman offside, vis Evans anti-semitic conspiratorialising and general fringe financial crackpottery. Newman is ‘respectable’ and financially orthodox, while Evans is a fruit-loop by that measure even if a fellow traveller on climate science.

        Evans is easy meat even for lazy journalists.

  2. Leroy Lynch says:

    I call bullshit – there is no supporting evidence in that AIMN post, no articles online, no govt press annoucement. Nothing. The same post does, however, talk about UFOs.

    That post about David Evans is either a HOAX or the author is just so clueless he misheard about Evans and didn’t bother to confirm that he was appointed to anything.

  3. Heywood says:

    Funny to watch you lot go apoplectic though. I’ll just get the popcorn

  4. It’s been pointed out to me that the original article has been removed.

  5. karabar says:

    If it is a rumour, it is unfortunate as there is no better choice that could be made. However, it is not possible to attribute any credibility whatsoever to the grimy cesspit of red and green vipers that is the AIMN.

  6. The Nasty ‘Abbott and David Evans ?! The man who sees banksters under every bed and the man who hasn’t met a political stance even won’t slough off if the pools aren’t aligned with his stars /

    A match made in hades …

  7. Ooops – rushing out the door and so didn’t proof my comment – I of course meant Abbott ‘hasn’t met a political stance he won’t slough off if the polls aren’t right’ – won’t want to imply he bets on the pools …

  8. […] 2014/03/09: WtD: Conspiracy theorist appointed Tony Abbott’s climate science adviser? […]

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