#GregHuntResearch takes off: twitter meme that parodies Enviro Minister Greg Hunt

Environment Minister Grey Hunt’s attempts to dismiss the connection between climate change and the NSW fires by citing the Wikipedia has generated laughs around the world.

#GregHuntReserach has been generating all kinds of mirth:

Jump in and have fun, but do keep it civil and refrain from personal insults.

Satire is fine, but abuse isn’t.

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14 thoughts on “#GregHuntResearch takes off: twitter meme that parodies Enviro Minister Greg Hunt

  1. […] Greg Hunt became an international laughing-stock with his now infamous “I looked it up on Wikipedia” comments. […]

  2. john byatt says:

    Channel seven this morning had a discussion about the NSW bushfires, it featured a video from the RFS firefighters urging action on climate change after the disastrous Victorian fires,

    Greg Hunt was invited to attend but had stated ” I do not wish to talk about it”

    would have been good if he had turned up and was shown the Wiki article he quoted and the warnings therein.

    He apparently accepts the connect between climate change and increasing bushfires but denies the link in the current NSW fires

    the cartoon in today’s paper was a flying pig emerging from the flames of the climate change fires with “complete hogwash written on it’s side, a reporter is asking Abbott, “one of yours?

  3. john byatt says:

    well at least they know were Sydney is

  4. john byatt says:


    As the Federal Government continues to reject claims that recent bushfires are linked with climate change, a report by scientists has stirred the debate further by saying the two are indeed linked.

    • john byatt says:

      Hunt from no link to Mr Hunt says he and Prime Minster Tony Abbott accept the science on the broad link between bushfire risk and climate change.

  5. Michael Marriott says:


  6. john byatt says:

    I do not think that the problem was the wiki


    • Nick says:

      No, the climate link is made and referenced there.

      Of course the problem is that he ignored the question as asked, and came across like somebody obfuscating on a blog. Or Bob Carter.

      Imposing, or attempting to impose, a parallel reality. These chumps have got to realise that,while they are in opposition to reality,they are not in Opposition any more.

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