Quote of the day: plugging into a medieval mistrust of scientists


Fairfax environment editor Ben Cubby is one of the better journalists working in the MSM. Quote of the day goes to Cubby in this piece gleefully ripping apart Abbott’s obtuse comments about “invisible markets”:

Best of all, “invisible substance” plugs into a medieval mistrust of scientists and their incomprehensible powers. The sentence links these modern-day alchemists together with the shadowy financiers who would run the so-called markets, trading invisibility while we pay for it. 

Or something. It suggests that Abbott is prepared to wear some public ridicule in exchange for speaking directly to that part of his supporter base that is unmoved by scientific evidence about global warming. 

Never mind that the Coalition is proposing to spend about $10 billion of the public’s money fighting an “invisible substance”. 

That can be hidden behind its earthy rhetoric of “direct action” and a “green army” getting its hands dirty with a hard day’s practical work. 

What the Coalition is really trying to do is wrest back control of the language of climate change, because if it can control the language, and debate on its own terms, it can win. 


Ben nails it.

Abbott doesn’t care about the science, and will happily wage war on scientists.

Dang it Ben, I wish I’d written that.

/golf clap


15 thoughts on “Quote of the day: plugging into a medieval mistrust of scientists

  1. john byatt says:

    No Ben your are referring to a bloke who gets his climate change science from Archbishop Pell, Abbott is not acting he really is that stupid.

    his denier support base do not want him to do anything at all, they ridicule Hunt on a daily basis.

    They hate people like Turnbull and Hunt, if Abbott really wanted to get his support base on side he would appoint Truss as climate change minister or Joyce Barnaby.

    does he really think that his support base would switch to Rudd for any reason at all and thinks that he has to talk this drivel to keep them?

    poll on preferred PM will be interesting next week after this.

  2. john byatt says:

    for some reason desdemona link must be going into spam

    google desdemona despair end time belief and climate apathy

    76% of republicans believe we are in the end times

  3. Denby Angus says:

    This is perhaps the most cynical, illiterate, anti-scientific, anti-economic political statement Abbott has ever made.
    He has no appreciation for the existential threat that climate change poses.
    He refuses to admit to the increasing adoption of carbon trading schemes around the world.
    He has no alternative plan that will deliver a reduction in emissions at low cost.

    Hollow to the core.

  4. Gregory T says:

    Denny, have to agree, however when he doesn’t answer, he just stands there looking like someone you really wouldn’t what an answer from. So we are lucky to have a LOTO that can exhibit such instability, whether he’s talking or being silent.

  5. Paul H says:

    Sorry if I’m misunderstanding here but I thought “golf clap” was supposed to be a bad thing, sarcastic applause or something iirc.

  6. Not really scientific. And Eric gets a near mention. But amusing. Teh Goddard is at it again. http://youtu.be/ARJK0MWAITM

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