Turnbull throws spanner into repealing that “great big tax”…. Abbott’s blood oath getting shakier by the day

Source: The Vine

Form the Sydney Morning Herald:

Coalition frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull has characterised his party’s climate change policy as ”short term” and says he hopes the world moves to a market-based mechanism to reduce emissions.

But Mr Turnbull, who has previously described Tony Abbott’s Direct Action policy as ”a con” and lost his leadership of the Liberal Party in 2009 due to his support for an emissions trading scheme, chose his words carefully while appearing on the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday night.

”I will support the collective wisdom of the party room,” Mr Turnbull said.

And this:

Asked whether he would join Mr Abbott in campaigning to repeal an emissions trading scheme, Mr Turnbull admitted ”there would be more convincing advocates”.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said he thought that Mr Turnbull “did a very very good job on Q&A last night” but he contradicted Mr Turnbull’s view that the world was moving in the direction of carbon pricing.

“As I’ve always said, the world is moving away from carbon taxes and emission trading scheme, not towards it,” Mr Abbott said.

“The world is moving towards the kind of Direct Action measures that the Coalition has long been proposing.”

On Tuesday, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey suggested the Coalition was open to considering an emissions trading scheme if the circumstances were right.

“If the world comes together in pricing carbon across their whole economies, then Australia stands prepared to look at joining them,” Mr Hockey said

Abbott says one thing, Hockey and Turnbull another.

Jo Hockey: I mean if the world is moving that way, well we might consider a emissions trading scheme…

Boom, here comes the back flip!

A few words from me some time back:

For over a year now I’ve been arguing Abbott and the LNP have a growing problem on their hands. Their opposition to the carbon price (Ax the tax!) and Abbott’s “Blood oath” is a trap they have made for themselves.  While ditching a price on carbon may be to the liking of far-right-wing columnists such as Andrew Bolt and eccentric mining billionaires, it turns out the vast majority of business in Australia is happy with an emissions trading scheme (see below).

While “Ax the tax”. “Ju-liar” and “Ditch the Witch” were effective (but ugly) slogans they lacked substance. Simple opposition and the proposed Direct Action Policy are now being seen as lacking substance. Abbott has a growing problem, and it is a problem of his making.

I suspect the vicious opposition to the “carbon tax” will prove to have been useful in giving the Coalition a useful short-term tactical advantage, but in the end a strategic blunder. China and now America are now moving towards more vigorous action. This now leaves Australia and Abbott the laggards. The world is moving, and Abbott still thinks it is 1955.

My advice: watch this space. 

I’m growing increasingly confident that Abbott may have to breach his “blood oath”. The moment Abbott baulks he is in deep trouble: the hypocrisy will be obvious to all.

Here’s another thought…  imagine what Malcolm Turnball, the man Abbott deposed with the backing of climate sceptics, is thinking after watching the return of Kevin Rudd.

11 thoughts on “Turnbull throws spanner into repealing that “great big tax”…. Abbott’s blood oath getting shakier by the day

  1. john byatt says:

    not printed yet but sent in a letter

    Surely Abbott’s blood oath warrant for the execution of the carbon tax will soon become the non core promise of his own conundrum ,,,,,, snip

    good to watch this unfold

  2. Gregory T says:

    ”I will support the collective wisdom of the party room,” Mr Turnbull said.
    The best “Non sequitur”and only Turnbull is probably smart enough to realise it.

  3. I’m not sure America is “moving towards more vigorous action”. Too many vested interests. Obama could have done more sooner. What he ended up doing was unspectacular. Obama’s presidency will be remembered as brilliant, stirring, inspirational rhetoric, but little real action. And you can only blame an obstinate Republican dead-locked congress for so much. Obama is tied to the military industrial complex just like any US president.

    China is – and has always been – the country to watch. Because of their odd blend of statism and corporatism (often called fascism) they are not reliant on the Koch brothers, or the Murdoch media, or anything else ‘holding back’ Western societies from acting on climate science. China can act and innovate and create a new economy. A new economy freed from the fossil-fuelled non-renewable resources of other countries. China’s ETS, I think, is merely a forerunner of greater investment in their renewable energy systems.

    I’d be surprised if Turnbull wasn’t leading the Liberal Party by this time next year.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      If Rudd continues to lead Abbott and the ALP remains competitive, then Abbott is in real danger. Recall, he won the leadership vote by one ballet.

      Re China, will fast become the world leaders: climate change leadership will accelerate this.

  4. Notice how the smirk has disappeared from Tony Abbott’s face in recent days? Mr No’s glib, empty one-liners are being exposed on a daily basis and he is starting to sound more desperate. Even on smallish issues like money claims, all he can resort to is parroting short phrases that make him look shifty and fairly dull.

    Abbott’s constant attacks on Gillard and her resultant removal may well prove to backfire spectacularly. It would be poetic justice to see him lose the very thing he has craved. I expect his desperation will grow day by day at about the same rate his lack of policy formulation is revealed.

  5. Steve says:

    Now, according to the Sunday Mail in Adelaide 14/7/13, Kevin Rudd is about to abolish the carbon tax and fast track an emissions scheme.
    I prefer the tax.

    • john byatt says:

      i think that in the long run the ETS is the better option as it will grow to become a global market,

      the european price will move up now that better caps are being imposed.

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