Brief sabbatical…

Dear all, taking some time to meet professional and study commitments. I’ll post interesting stories/links as much I can but writing is on hold for a few weeks.


Mike @ WtD



9 thoughts on “Brief sabbatical…

  1. Steve says:

    I’ll look forward to your return.

  2. The Australian’s War on Science continues: Alan Moran of the IPA yesterday. Bjorn Lomborg today. They’re pretty much taking the piss now.

  3. BBD says:


    Thanks for your considerable efforts. I have learned a good deal here.

    Goodness knows how *anyone* finds the time to blog and work.

  4. Mark Porter says:

    See you soon Mike. I’ll continue my daily visitations. Any chance of having an open thread whilst you’re away?

  5. john byatt says:

    [1] Anthropogenic contributions to the record hot 2013 Australian summer are investigated using a suite of climate model experiments. This was the hottest Australian summer in the observational record. Australian area-average summer temperatures for simulations with natural forcings only were compared to simulations with anthropogenic and natural forcings for the period 1976–2005 and the RCP8.5 high emission simulation (2006–2020) from nine CMIP5 models. Using fraction of attributable risk to compare the likelihood of extreme Australian summer temperatures between the experiments, it was very likely (>90% confidence) there was at least a 2.5 times increase in the odds of extreme heat due to human influences using simulations to 2005, and a five-fold increase in this risk using simulations for 2006–2020. The human contribution to the increased odds of Australian summer extremes like 2013 was substantial, while natural climate variations alone, including El Niño Southern Oscillation, are unlikely to explain the record temperature

  6. john byatt says:

    Kong Karls Land from Hitellingene shows that polar bear populations are extremely vulnerable to the rapid reductions in sea-ice distribution in which is now going on.

    Under the internasjnale polar bear agreement cooperating countries to prepare a sirkumpolar action plan for polar bears. This should be based on national action plans that are under construction. The work of the Norwegian plan is headed by Direkoratet for natural resource management and is in the final stages.

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