Global warming is winning: new evidence of Australia’s shifting climate

Australia’s climate is shifting to a new state

Via The Age, recent evidence of climate change’s impact on Southern Australia:

Southern Australia is in the midst of a climate tug-of-war that’s giving Melbourne weather previously experienced in NSW Riverina towns such as Deniliquin, according to new CSIRO research.

Warming global temperatures tend to push westerly winds south while El Nino weather patterns tend to push them north.

The atmospheric tussle of the past 50 years is becoming one-sided as global warming wins out, as inland dry zones shift about 250 kilometres south, said Wenju Cai, a principal research scientist and climate modeller at the CSIRO.

I’ll post a link to the report once I’ve tracked it down.

However, at this point it is Global Warming 3 – Humanity 0.

14 thoughts on “Global warming is winning: new evidence of Australia’s shifting climate

  1. john byatt says:

    certainly getting lots of coverage

  2. Watching the Deniers says:

    Thanks John!

  3. No doubt the Murdochite print media will be splashing this report across its daily publications, ha ha.

    • zoot says:

      I can hear the cries of “Hold the front page!!”

      • Watching the Deniers says:

        Wait, wait.. no I only hear crickets. Sadly I expect wall to wall coverage on “This Rotten Government!!!!”

        • BBD says:

          Well, the Murdoch press can hardly report on a report (Wang & Cai) which says things like this:

          Our result highlights a rare situation in which climate change signals emerge against an opposing property of interannual variability, underscoring the robustness of the recent climate change.

          Unless of course some fake expert can be held up and squeezed to spray FUD all over it…

      • Gregory T says:

        It’s been 24hours, I think it time for a leadership spill story or maybe another Murky Poll.

  4. Dr No says:

    Have to be careful here. Just because the paper fits our view of the world does not make it correct,
    It does sound speculative at this stage so I would recommend waiting until other climate experts agree/comment on it.
    i.e.The paper deserves to be treated the same scrutiny as as we treat “denialist” papers.

    • john byatt says:

      Are you referring to reasons for observations Dr No?

      “The observed poleward shift in weather patterns is particularly strong during autumn meaning farmers can no longer rely on the so-called ”autumn break” that can wet fields for sowing. Catchments are drier when winter rain fronts arrive so there is less run-off for reservoirs in southern Australia.”

      or the observations themselves.?

      similar to debate re
      The NH jet stream is slowing down more and meandering, that is observation.
      whether it is due to the loss of Arctic ice or just Arctic amplification itself is still being debated,

      Do you see the paper as just offering one of, what may turn out to be other possible reasons for the observations?

      • d says:

        JB, I suppose I am saying that the observations may not be as clear cut as the paper’s interpretation implies. Climate data are voluminous and noisy.
        Quite often apparent signals are temporary so strict statistical tests need to accompany any analyses. While an absence of cold fronts over the past decade or has been apparent to Melbournites, demonstrating a significant poleward shift in the southern hemisphere circulation and then attributing it to greenhouse gas concentrations ( and not to changes in aerosols or ozone etc,) is actually a demanding task. It may well be true, but the jury is still out.

  5. Isn’t climate measured in 30 year intervals because it always changes? If it stayed the same, wouldn’t we use 100 years? Or 500 years?

  6. john byatt says:

    “The research reinforces our past work that climate change is altering Southern Hemisphere circulation and increases our confidence in this conclusion,” Dr Cai said.

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