Earth from space: amazing NASA video

Nothing on the climate debate today – some enjoyable eye candy for sceptic and warmist alike 😉

Out of interest, I’ve just come across a great survey on conspiracy beliefs: post up tomorrow discussing the results. Should be fun reading.

6 thoughts on “Earth from space: amazing NASA video

  1. john byatt says:

    will headgear and overalls be provided?

  2. john byatt says:

    Post at No carbon tax climate sceptics party hansen retires


    life under a NCTCSP back to joh’s time?

    no nurses, police or anyone working for the government will be allowed to protest anything at all,

  3. joseph natoli says:


    Firstly congratulations on your exceptional efforts to expose the lies that surround the Climate Change discussion. I always appreciate your work.

    I’m writing this email to draw your attention to the practice of trashing the science around Climate Change and in particular the scientists who work in the field.

    For example the Climate Commission appears likely to be axed by an incoming Liberal Government. It seems to be an exercise in shooting the messenger. In that context I’d like to share with you an exchange on a forum about climate change and the future of the Commission.

    *Well folks you can breath easier now because Lord Abbott has decreed that the Climate Commission will be no more when he is swept into office. * * * *That should take care of all this argy bargy on global warming.

    * *Response *

    *Good. Because it is nothing more than a propaganda unit.

    I would like to see it replaced with a truthful science based unit explaining of host of environmental impacts, including, but not limited to the ways human do impact local and regional environment and climate via land use changes and general pollution.

    I believe a more accurate, non-doomsaying, non-mendacious commission would be better and more widely received.

    But perhaps Flannery and his band of Apocalyptic Loonies have done too much damage? Already they have spawned a sub-culture of lecturing religious evangelists spewing forth their hypocrisy of monumental proportions, dividing us into a polarised nation of pragmatists and fantasists.

    That will take time to heal.*

    The exchange can be found on the Aussie Stock Forum in the Climate Hysteria thread. (Very even handed…) I bring it to your attention because it unfortunately reflects the overall tone of the thread and in fact all matters relating to climate change. The person who made the response is in fact a moderater and second in charge of the whole site. Certainly the person who runs it does not attempt to moderate his comments.

    Overall in my opinion ASF is an intelligent and well run Stock/Community discussion forum – but on this topic it just trashes all climate science that sees any problem with global warming

    I feel really angry at this. I believe it is libellous, destructive and trashes the broad base of science that we need to advance our understanding of the world. I feel strongly enough about it to bring it to your attention and hope that you might consider some way of highlighting the nastiness and stupidity of this approach and perhaps encourage a few other people to express their thoughts on the forum.

    I look forward to your thoughts and response

    Yours Sincerely

    Joseph Natoli 0411 568 523

    • john byatt says:

      post over at uknowispeaksense Jo, other mike likes to do denier of the day comments as well

      funny that most of the claims of a new religion is coming from the young earth creationists, like those who run the NCTCSP blog.

    • john byatt says:

      had a look over there, worried about their coal stocks ?

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