Melbourne’s record heat wave: 10 days above 30c

If you’re a Melbournian you know just how uncomfortable the heat has been – the temperature has been above 30 for days, while the nights have been warm.

But it’s not over yet: we’ve got at least a week or more of searing temperatures. According to the BOM, by Monday of next week we will be reaching temperatures in the mid-to-high 30s. My daughter has found it hard to sleep, while I’m doing my best to keep my flat cool.

We’ve just passed through the hottest summer on record, and yet the temperature records continue to tumble.

Officially its Autumn, and yet we are set to enter a record-breaking 10 days of temperatures above 30 degrees:

Melbourne is set to break its record for the most number of consecutive days above 30 degrees.

The past three days have exceeded 30 and the next seven are forecast to be above 30, said duty forecaster Cameron Henderson.

This would make ten days in a row of over 30 degrees – a record for any month, not only for March.

“Indeed, that would be a record…we’ve had Monday, Tuesday and today and we’re about to get another seven days of it,” said Mr Henderson.

“The record for the number of consecutive days with a maximum temperature greater than 30 is eight, and that’s happened on more than one occasion. In March, we’ve had seven-day runs a few times.”

Mr Henderson said that 1899 was the last time there was a hot spell of this length in March.

On that occasion, nine out of ten days between March 7 and March 16 were above 30.

The hot spell poses a risk of bushfires this long weekend for holidaymakers. Fire Services Commissioner Craig Lapsley has urged holidaymakers heading out to take care.




16 thoughts on “Melbourne’s record heat wave: 10 days above 30c

  1. Eric Worrall says:

    In the old days when I lived in Altona, we used to call warm weather in March “lucky”. It extended the rather short Melbourne swimming season.

    I guess these days its a sign of the end times.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      Not the end times Eric. But when the trains stop working, and most of the city can’t sleep we don’t feel so “lucky”.

      • Eric Worrall says:

        Let me give you a hint learned from living in Brisbane, where these temperatures prevail for much of the Summer – open the window at night, and turn the fan on “high”, and drink lots of water before you go to sleep.

        That way you’ll have enough energy to enjoy the lovely warmth of the day.

      • Moth says:

        Forgetting, of course, that Melbourne houses are not designed in the same way as Brisbane houses (entirely different climates… hell, the rental I’m currently in doesn’t even have a fan), drinking lots of water doesn’t necessarily ensure a good night sleep, but rather a taste of life as an old chap and fans are double edge sword; firstly, my wife hates air blowing on her, so I’ve got to set it up just to get me, then, with that fan blowing directly on me (on the lowest setting), by 5 am when it’s around the coolest it’s going to get, I start getting cold.

        This morning, I woke at 5:45 am because I was cold under the fan, but it was muggy, so without the fan I was also uncomfortable. Ultimately I didn’t fall back asleep this morning, so I am have energetic enough to enjoy another muggy day.

        Of course, Eric’s world is a simplified one, so if the locals in Coober Pedy or Alice Springs can survive their desert summers, it’s obviously political propaganda lies that state that as much as 70,000 people died in the 2003 European heatwave…

      • Moth says:

        “so I am have energetic enough”… what?

        I meant; “so I am far from energetic enough to enjoy another muggy day.”

    • uknowispeaksense says:

      Yes well as people get older they accumulate knowledge and learn from their mistakes while others such as yourself hold onto childish naivity and ignorance.

      • Eric Worrall says:

        I moved to Brisbane (after a period of living in the UK), and I’m trying to persuade my lovely lady to move to the far North – I like warm weather.

      • zoot says:

        The North won’t be warm enough Erric, you should move to the North West, preferably Marble Bar. And of course, because you love the heat you never use air conditioning, do you?

    • End times? You sound more and more like a fundie Christian each day Eric. That would explain your problem assimilating facts and reaching a reasonable conclusion from the evidence, they conflict with your young earth fundamentalism. You’ve been listening to too much Ken Ham. He’s a climate change denier as well.

      • Eric Worrall says:

        I thought we’d settled that – I’m a Pastafarian, except during nights with a gibbous moon in which I dream of Cthulhu sleeping in his watery grave.

        I actually blame Christianity for the strength of your movement.

        Many of the most fanatical climate alarmists I’ve met are former Christians who lost their faith. If the Christian religion hadn’t damaged their psyche, they wouldn’t have been so receptive to a pseudoscientific secular religion which fits so nicely into the mould impressed by Christianity.

        With its concepts of sinful selfish damage to the environment, guilt, atonement, and impending armageddon, climate alarmism is practically a drop in replacement for Christianity, and fills that emptiness some former faithful feel when they can’t bring themselves to believe in the sky fairy.

      • Trot out all the excuses you like Eric, your lingo gives you away. E.g. “sinful selfish damage.” The rest of your justifications are pure fiction. I’ve never been a believer in any imaginary friend, nor have most of those who are interested in the science of climate change. As usual, you’re just making up nonsense because objectivity and critical thinking is an anathema to you.

      • john byatt says:

        Yes he slips up all the time.

      • Steve says:

        The Adelaide Hills have also been very hot (Not a record) this March.
        By the way Eric, I know at least one Pastafarian who disagrees with you about Global Warming, but he is highly intelligent and does know a bit about science.

    • Nick says:

      Yes,yes,Eric. It wasn’t the fall that killed him,it was when he hit the ground. You probably won’t make it to North Queensland: the flight will be too long. “Are we there yet. Are we there yet?” Your missus will have to wear ear plugs 😉

  2. Vic says:

    Studies and polls have shown that right wingers:
    Are more likely to be religious
    More likely to deny the science of anthropogenic global warming
    Have, on average, lower IQ

    The last factor explains the first two.

  3. Serious melbournian says:

    I hate summer.

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