Australia’s record breaking heatwave: summer of 2012-2013 hottest on record

According to the Karl Braganza and Blair Trewin of BOM and we have just experienced the hottest summer on Record:

This summer hasn’t just felt hot. It’s been hot. In fact, the summer of 2012-13 is now the hottest on record. Average temperatures beat the record set in the summer of 1997-98, and daytime maximum temperatures knocked over the 1982-83 record. January 2013 has been the hottest month since records began in 1910.

Nor is it just Australia, as reported in The Age. What we are seeing is the effects of a warming planet:

Australia was not alone in feeling the heat over the past three months, with large regions of southern Africa and South America registering well-above normal temperatures. Land areas had their hottest January and February months.

‘‘There’s a pretty good chance it will turn out to be the hottest summer on record for the southern hemisphere as a whole,’’ Dr Trewin said.

Tony Mohr, climate change program manager at the Australian Conservation Foundation, said the warming planet is making “Australia’s already extreme weather more extreme and more unsafe”.

“If this doesn’t wake up our politicians to the need for concrete action to prevent this ongoing acceleration in global warming, I’m not sure what will.”

15 thoughts on “Australia’s record breaking heatwave: summer of 2012-2013 hottest on record

  1. Eric Worrall says:

    Shame the Northern Hemisphere didn’t share much of that warmth. Quite apart from the endless mountains of snow, it looks likely this year has seen a new record for the coldest temperature ever recorded outside of Antarctica: -71.2c – beating the previous record set in this region in 1933.

    This temperature is not far from the freezing point of CO2, so if this year’s record is topped next year by a mere 8c or so, you could pay the inhabitants of Oymyakon to go out with buckets to scrape up the dry ice, for sequestration in a hole somewhere, to protect the Earth from global warming.

  2. EoR says:

    But no global warming now for 23 years! Given the increasing trend, I expect deniers will soon be crying “No global warming for 4.54 billion years!”.

    As Lordy Monckton so thrillingly informs his readers, “A senior Australian police officer specializing in organized-crime frauds tells me the pattern of fraud on the part of a handful of climate scientists may yet lead to prosecutions.” Yes! Climate scientists linked to the mafia!

    It’s pleasing to see that his ‘talks’ around Australia all seem to be “tickets available at the door”. In other words, the organisers can’t sell them.

    • Nick says:

      I guarantee you his anecdote is a complete fib. He can’t help himself.

      • john byatt says:

        He claims that the Tassie uni is investigating prof Peers because he was insulted in the press by him, claims to have a reply confirming action

        ‘This is an automated reply
        we will action it shortly ”

        he is setting himself up for another headline from the uni that he is a moron

      • john byatt says:

        that was monckton

    • john byatt says:

      I read a long time ago that as the conspiracy grew and the claims became crazier, in the end there would only be the nutcases left, sadly at least 36 of those nutters will be in Abbott’s government this year..

      • Nick says:

        It is a scary prospect indeed. If the dopey Abbott is regarded as leadership material in that party our future is bleak.

  3. debunker says:

    Just like Eric to imagine that a local extreme temperature in 1 place negates an entire hemisphere of extreme average temperatures.

    What a fathead!

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