Monckton Enjoys Lunch and Sings a Pretty Song for the Australian Financial Review (Reprint)

Lord Monckton, the climate denier who believes Obama’s birth certificate was faked and likes to associate with the wilder fringes of conspiracy culture (he is a regular on a  show hosted by 9/11 Truther, Alex Jones) recently scored an interview with The Australian Financial Review.

Tim at New Anthropocene takes the article apart in a great post: Monckton Enjoys Lunch and Sings a Pretty Song for the AFR.

“It’s of no surprise to learn that the Australian Financial Review interviewed Chris Monckton, for his message is surely the sweetest lullaby to many of its readers. In the interview, titled, Lunch with the AFR | Christopher Monckton, Chris Short recorded an illuminating interview.

At least in this interview, Monckton made it clear; his is purely a political fight. Thank you very much for that.

It’s of course interesting that Monckton has taken a fondness to Chinese philosophy – a country overrun by his worst nightmare, Communists… I must actually look up on these philosophical principles to learn if this topic, unlike so many others he waxes lyrical upon, is represented correctly.

On that, Monckton makes the point that his was the last generation taught not to be credulous… Please, dear Lord, muse through my offerings on New Anthro. As a bloke half your age, I’m certain you will find many examples of a young man with a nasty habit for fact checking.”


via Monckton Enjoys Lunch and Sings a Pretty Song for the Australian Financial Review (Reprint).

7 thoughts on “Monckton Enjoys Lunch and Sings a Pretty Song for the Australian Financial Review (Reprint)

  1. Monkton must be one of the ultimate gravy train riders. If somebody is silly enough to pay for his ticket to spout some ideological claptrap (Monktonese) he’ll happily ride it to the end of the line.

    Seems like he has now attached his wagon to the Danny Nalliah, all singing, all dancing, happy clapper Christian revivalist and casual bigotry show. Probably a good move because now he has both bases covered. He had the financial salvation well covered, now he’s got the spiritual salvation all wrapped up as well.

    Maybe if he can get Andrew Bolt to sign on as avid disciple, he might take a leaf out of Danny” Nalliah’s book and start his own religion. Look out L Ron Hubbard…

  2. snerkersnark says:

    This man must have some sort of mental illness. I think he belongs in a padded room, not in public view.

  3. EoR says:

    Well, as Andrew Bolt says, “Why on earth was Christopher Monckton endorsing the nationalist Rise Up Australia Party? Great chance for warmists to paint climate sceptics as fringe dwellers”.

    When your staunchest supporters start deserting you, you know you’ve gone too far in the nutbaggery stakes.

  4. john byatt says:

    it has certainly gone viral,

  5. john byatt says:

    The Monckey swings far from the tree of evolution
    The fringe dwellers days are numbered in the antilles
    The house of the prophet is scorned
    The cardinal sweeps into power

    Nostradmaus 30 86

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