Video: Climate change and the Queensland floods

Here is Video Dispatch #2 looking at the devastating Queensland floods and their connection to climate change:

The video also explores what Queenslander’s can expect with as the planet warms: climate change is here. We are going to see many more events such as these.

Donations for the flood appeal can be made via the Red Cross. There may come a time when anyone of us will be a victim of these kinds of extremes. Sadly, donations to help the victims of the flood have been critically low:

THE head of Queensland’s flood appeal says donations are so low they won’t go anywhere near helping those who have lost all their possessions. Terry Mackenroth said only $6 million had been raised, including $1 million each from the state and federal governments. ”For the amount of devastation I’ve seen just through watching television, it is not going to go anywhere near paying the sorts of claims we will receive,” he said. ”When someone’s house has been flooded, they probably don’t even have a toothbrush. They’ve lost everything.”

Please donate if can. 

Mike @ WtD

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25 thoughts on “Video: Climate change and the Queensland floods

  1. john byatt says:

    Eric Steig 2007 Real Climate critique of Mark Lynas Six Degrees of Global Warming

    “If a reading of the published scientific literature paints such a frightening picture of the future asSix Degrees suggests – even while it honestly represents that literature – then are we being too provocative in the way we write our scientific papers? Or are we being too cautious in the way we talk about the implications of the results?”

    suggests the latter

  2. Eric Worrall says:

    If you build your house in a flood prone area then sometimes it will get flooded. Some of the worst floods occurred in the 1970s, and there are records of severe floods in Australia stretching back to the first colonisation.

    Interestingly the floods could be the straw which breaks your hold on Australia. The botched desal plants are a sore point for many people. People who previously accepted the climate alarmist lie are having a lot of trouble swallowing the assertion that the CSIRO predicted endless drought (requiring desal plants) and extreme flooding, at the same time. After this debacle, won’t take much of a push to turn Australia into a country of “deniers”.

  3. Watching the Deniers says:

    Couple typo’s to fix in there! Fixed today. You get that when working into the wee hours of the morning…

  4. john byatt says:

    Sent this off to four newspapers,

    strike one this morning

    Dear Sir,

    IT IS OBVIOUS that Andrew Powell the current minister overseeing the climate change portfolio does not wish to give his reasons for rejecting the science of the carbon dioxide greenhouse effect, now established for over a century.

    The Bligh government was focused on both mitigation and adaptation to the threat of global warming. On taking office the LNP Newman government dismantled the mitigation strategies to concentrate solely on adaptation.
    The reason cited, was because state mitigation would only be a duplication of the commonwealth carbon price strategy which would suffice for Queensland mitigation. Given that the LNP government in Queensland fully backs the removal of the carbon price by the likely incoming Abbott led coalition government, then we must ask what plans have the Queensland government made to reintroduce a climate change mitigation strategy post September 2013 ?

    The DERM adaptation issues paper does not seem to have been updated to reflect the emerging research regarding sea level rise nor the predicted tropical wet bulb temperatures possible over the coming decades. Without global mitigation strategies, adaptation will in effect mean abandonment of sea- side and tropical communities. The worst case scenarios for 2100 project a sea level rise of 2 metres, and seasonal wet bulb temperatures above the limit of human survival within the tropics. What then are the 2100 projections that Mr Powell has chosen for future adaptation planning?

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  6. Bernard J. says:

    And it’s Wet on the Australian east coast again this week.

    I wonder how many years of repeated cycling between AGW-exaggerated drought and flood our economy can sustain before farmers simply cannot be subsidised to grow in the (large areas of) marginal country, and coastal/riverine communities cannot be rebuilt?

    Many areas had just cut the ribbon on post Cyclone Larry repairs, and now they’re having to do it all over again.

    A smart society would fix the root cause, rather than continually mop up after it…

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