The Age’s sad decline: promoting 9/11 Truther movie?

Not climate related, but a true WTF moment. Heavily promoted on The Age web site:


Yes a “Truther” movie. I appreciate Fairfax is in trouble, but seriously?

Next week, NASA faked the moon landing…


7 thoughts on “The Age’s sad decline: promoting 9/11 Truther movie?

  1. Sacha Baron Cohen Finally Reveals His Greatest Character to Date: Lord Monckton.

  2. crank says:

    Sorry, gentlemen and ladies, but if you believe the ‘laugh’ that 19 mad ‘al Qaeda’ ‘terrorists’ single-handedly flew those planes into the towers and that caused the towers and WTC 7, to collapse straight down into their footprints, unlike any other towers so constructed in history, then I guess you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the ‘sole gunman’ in Dallas. If you further believe that the ‘terrorists’ were able to cause NORAD to stand-down that morning, and for the plane that hit the Pentagon to completely disintegrate in the fires, that the black boxes completely disintegrated yet one of the hijacker’s passports was found, completely intact in the rubble etc, then I’ve an Opera House that you might be interested in.
    How anyone can believe the ludicrous cover story is beyond me. How anyone can believe it when it was used, immediately, as an excuse to launch a Crusade against the Islamic world, that has caused well over one million deaths, so far, and left several countries ‘bombed back to the Stone Age’ defies belief. The strange truth of history is that powerful and psychotic individuals, the type who certainly run the USA and Israel and their Western stooges, do meet in secret and plan evil acts that they keep secret. Conspiracies do, and have always, existed. Closing your eyes to the truth just encourages them to do it over and over again.

    • catweazle666 says:

      Hang on crank, I thought one of the big selling points about this blog was that it was only the ‘deniers’ that were the conspiracy freaks, not the oh-so-sensible warmists.

      And now we have an arch-warmist coming out as a truther!

      Well, well!

      • crank says:

        I look at the facts, the evidence and use my brain. The facts of anthropogenic climate destabilisation are plain, the science as ‘settled’ as science comes, and the denialists a coterie of imbeciles, ignoramuses and liars, paid and amateur. No contest. And, similarly, with the JFK assassination, the evidence is overwhelming that he was shot at by more than one person, as the result of secret planning by elements of the real US ruling elite, the ‘Secret Team’ of the CIA in particular. The ‘lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald’ canard is as preposterous as any denialist concoction. Then you have 9/11, the oh, so, convenient ‘New Pearl Harbour’ called for by the neo-conservatives as the excuse to launch the War of Terror against the Islamic world. To dismiss the huge weight of evidence that the 9/11 cover-story is preposterous garbage by simply cackling ‘Truther’ at people is in my opinion, contemptible.

  3. uknowispeaksense says:

    a poe in our midst.

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