Great video: the view from Monckton’s world

Tim over at New Anthropocene has put together a rather funny video on Monckton. A good reminder of the very, very strange things Monckton believes:

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9 thoughts on “Great video: the view from Monckton’s world

  1. Reblogged this on Standard Climate and commented:
    Well, I never believed this Lord. That’s why I try to read about him and watch his videos hopefully I can understand him.

  2. mgm75 says:

    Reblogged this on 2012 And All That… The Fight Against Nonsense and commented:
    This is a collection of video clips from Climate Denialist poster boy Christopher Monckton

    • Moth says:

      I’ve done 5 all up, which can be found here. I’m hoping that as many people see these with him in the country at the moment and hold them up to illustrate his deserved credibility on any given subject.

      People should ask him,
      “Do you think President Obama was born in Hawaii?”
      “Do you think DDT was outlawed to kill off Africans?”
      “Do you think the environmental movement is nothing but a ruse for a communist uprising?”
      “Do you really think the temperature data shows a steep and significant decline over the past 15yrs, if not 20yrs?”
      “How is your invention, that you claim shows promise to cure everything from MS to HIV, coming along? Can we expect it on pharmacy shelves within the next five years?”

      He can either answer what he honestly believes and look foolish or lie and look worse (with the contrary evidence already documented in film).

      • Watching the Deniers says:

        They’re good videos. I’ll post more as well 🙂

        • Moth says:

          Cheers… I’ve been looking into the Monckton tour. It looks like ticket prices will be $25, although Melbourne doesn’t seem to have any dates as yet.

          I may be tempted to go along (as much as it turns my stomach to think I’m placing a cent in Chistopher’s pocket) if I get the chance to ask him a question… 😀

      • Nick says:

        Poor Monckton is an attention seeker first and foremost. He identifies a group that has a want for infotainment/misdirection,and obliges. His need for attention outweighs his respect for the truth. He’s on tour.

        The chump has arrived in the middle of some hot political action and a string of natural [and enhanced] natural disasters,and he is not getting any attention. Good. He deserves none.. He’s as big a bloody idiot as any in the self-appointed commentariat,and I think the local media is aware of that now.

  3. crank says:

    Baron Monckhausen is a really archetypal Rightwinger. The presence amongst humanity of more or less moronic and flagrantly psychotic types, is only to be expected in such a diverse population, subjected to so many environmental and social influences over millennia. The real self-destructive genius of humanity was to invent a world system, euphemised as ‘capitalism’,that puts the worst of the worst in charge of the planet. That is why we are going out, backwards, in a few decades, barring a miracle. Baron Monckhausen is what we have been forced to become.

    • Dr No says:

      Lets admit it. He is a great performer. I, for one, derive amusement watching and listening to his weirdness. However, I am not sure whether he really believes it all himself but gets great satisfaction just making it up and spouting to audiences who lap it up.

      Jim, can we please rescind the order to kill him ?

      • john byatt says:

        In Noosa his main audience were the geriatric, white shoe, hawaiian shirt brigade.

        The newspaper photos of the crowd told the story

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