The New Normal: stunning images taken from space of Bundaberg flooding

Record rainfall in Queensland in and New South Wales has seen widespread devastation; there are reports of missing. Thousands had to be evacuated from the town of Bundaberg. This stunning image of the flood waters pouring into Bundaberg was taken by a NASA astronaut:

Images of Gladstone flooding:

20 thoughts on “The New Normal: stunning images taken from space of Bundaberg flooding

  1. There is a strong case for moderation, form the editor of SciAm.

    I particularly like his equating the Daily Mail, WUWT and 4chan. Although it may be harsh on 4chan.

  2. A flood of this magnitude would have been a hundred year flood on the old normal. Now this is the second one in two years..

  3. Arnold Ziffel says:

    To say this is the “New Normal” is to “DENY” the hardships our for fathers endured. Very self centred, don’t fall for the media hype look up the records 1930’s and 50’s

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      I’m not so sure you’re comments make much sense. I’m not denying past climate extremes. What is happening is their increased frequency.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      You’ve cited BOM. They have stated that these events are unprecedented and record breaking. This is new:

      • Arnold Ziffel says:

        A new record, not “New Normal”

      • Arnold Ziffel says:

        Should also search Heat Waves in 1939. They did it very hard back then, as people do now.

        • Watching the Deniers says:

          Have a look at recent records: BOM just confirmed the hottest Jan on record. No one denies past climate extremes. Records are being broken, extremes are coming with more frequency. Hence the “change” in climate change. Get it?

    • crank says:

      Of course these disasters are not a ‘new normal’. They will rapidly be exceeded by even more cataclysmic catastrophes, as the climate, like the denialati, becomes more and more deranged and weather extremes grow more and more violent and unpredictable.

      • john byatt says:


      • Arnold Ziffel says:

        You really don’t want promote conversation on this do you? With words like deranged and denialati…. hmmmm wonder why….

        let me guess Conversation fogs your crystal Ball? “will rapidly be exceeded ”

        Why is it Science doesn’t make such granduer statements like yours? Maybe your views no longer follow…. Science….?

      • john byatt says:

        Here Arnold, this would seem to qualify as denialati and deranged

        John Seip is a member of the extreme right wing blog justgrounds, where he explains that he does not tolerate fools

        If you have studied climate, you will be aware that the church and the government of that era found Galileo guilty of heresy for claiming publicly that the earth revolves around the sun.
        Today the government and many, but not all, in the churches, claim that our emissions are causing global warming.

        If you look back over the past 2000 years you can see that the warmists have no case. Geology and archaeology support historical facts.
        In the Roman Warming when the Romans conquered much of Europe, the climate was obviously warmer than it is today and warmer than 1000 years ago

        The medieval Warming when the Vikings settled Greenland, grew crops, raised stock and buried their dead, which would be unlikely now.

        About 300 years ago, in the Little Ice Age, the Thames, Rhine, Rhone and other rivers froze enough to allow horses and carts to cross.

        We are still warming slightly recovering from that, but there have been many rises and falls in temperature since then. The Arctic Ocean has been navigable several times and we have had heat waves before industrialization.

        In the 1930’s we had extreme heat, less industry and less people than in the 1970’s when the big Next ice Age scare was in the media. Now we have another climatically quiet period with amny extra people and emissions and coal fired power stations.

        Do not believe people who call themselves scientists and use massive computer models to show temperature variations, which Canadian scientists and statisticians have had to prove are incorrect, such as the infamous hockey stick trumpeted by the United Nations and Al gore.

        No need to follow blindly or try to understand what they call the science, just look at real history and the real numbers.

        A one-hundredth of a degree is almost impossible to prove or disprove worldwide. A heatwave such as in Australia can be balanced by a cold snap in Russia as is happening.
        John Seip


      • crank says:

        Arnold, I could just about hold a ‘conversation’ with a denier of the Nazi Holocaust. Depending on whether it was a denial centred on real concern over mere details, or whether it was motivated by support for those abominations. The dead are are dead, long dead, and the question would have to be ‘Will conversing with this person make similar crimes more likely in the future?’If so, well, conversation would be inappropriate, to say the least.
        When it comes to climate destabilisation denialists, the situation is quite different. Here the coming victims of the climate destabilisation Holocaust outnumber all the victims of WW2 by orders of magnitude. These victims are still living or yet unborn, and might yet be saved dreadful and premature deaths, if only the current detritus of denialati are beaten. I mean of course, that these people are, plainly, intellectually and ignorantly deranged, but more crucially, they are morally and spiritually deranged, because they are actively working for the climate destabilisation Holocaust to occur, by frantically and fanatically denying its reality, attacking the advocates of science and humanity and obstructing every effort to avert catastrophe. You don’t ‘converse’ with that type.

    • crank says:

      The destabilisation is proceeding extraordinarily rapidly, is it not? What’s the odds on more heatwaves and floods here, this summer. There’s still weeks to go.

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