The new normal: parts of Australian observatory destroyed in fires


Stunning and haunting images. To lose some of these facilities is sad:

Twelve properties have been destroyed by a “fast-moving, large and dangerous” bushfire that tore through a national park in northern NSW on Sunday, but the main telescope at a world-leading observatory is believed to have survived the blaze.

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15 thoughts on “The new normal: parts of Australian observatory destroyed in fires

  1. john byatt says:


    The New South Wales Rural Fire Service (RFS) says at least 33 homes have been lost in a bushfire west of Coonabarabran, which also damaged the Siding Spring Observatory.

  2. Skeptikal says:

    THE NEW NORMAL: Something never seen in Australia before the advent of global warming… the bushfire. This scary phenomenon could become the new normal as the world turns into a pressure cooker. Experts warn that we could see more bushfires in coming years as climate models heat up.

    Imon Crack, head researcher of the Climate Flame Institute and self confessed climate activist says this bushfire is proof that the world is getting warmer, especially near the flames. He says “our early models predicted that a carbon tax would prevent such disasters, but clearly more work needs to be done in this area”. Speaking from his lavishly appointed office, he gives the government this passionate plea; “More money is needed right now to research how flames work. Without this desperately needed research grant, bushfires could become the new normal in Australia.”

  3. It’s ironic that instruments allowing us to peer into the past risk damage and destruction from events that were predicted years ago. It seems only our politicians cannot learn from the past – and a few denialists…

  4. roymustard says:

    It’s interesting isn’t it. When scientists warn of looming catastrophes aided by warming they are “alarmists”. When the global warming-aided catastrophes happen the deniers tell us that the warming climate is completely irrelevant.

    Not very convincing, are they? Even to themselves there is that small doubt in the back of their mind.

  5. john byatt says:

    sent to local newspaper

    Given the importance of climate change and that Andrew Powell is likely to be the QLD climate change minister for the next six years
    I believe that this is worth following up on
    Andrew Powell QLD climate change minister and climate change denier
    Andrew Powell
    Liberal National Party
    Aged 38, Powell’s early childhood years were a moveable feast before his family settled in the local area at Burpengary in time for Powell to complete his schooling at Grace Lutheran College in Redcliffe. He went to the University of Queensland where he completed bachelors degrees in Science (Geographical Sciences and Physics) and Arts (Modern History and Russian). Powell went on to work with Department of Defence in Canberra before returning to Queensland where he worked for the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet and the Department of Child Safety. His particular area of expertise is in the field of engagement between government and community in decision making. Powell and his family live in the north of the electorate at Palmwoods and he is actively involved in the local Christian fellowship.

    Is this the fellowship referred to ?

    Brisbane Christian Fellowship operates branches under various names, including (but not limited to):
    • Melbourne Christian Fellowship
    • Melbourne Christian Fellowship Sunbury
    • Toowoomba Christian Fellowship
    • Stanthorpe Christian Fellowship
    • Sydney Christian Fellowship
    • Citywide Christian Fellowship Cairns
    • Sunshine Coast Christian Fellowship

    A member of this church could never accept the science

  6. john byatt says:

    A wonderfull reply in this morning’s paper to my letter regarding the current heat wave
    “I have seen the future written in the journals of physics and it frightens me because without action that future is catastrophic’

    reply from pastor g ellingsen
    Let me assure you mr Byatt and all the readers of this column, the same God has all things in control now, even the desparate dry period we are in and it does not include your efforts or mine to bring them into effect.
    May all the readers be aware that the bible- Gods word, is God’s’ love letter to mankind. it offers hope,assurance, eternal life,salvation, prospect of glory. A place in His (sic) kingdom for all who care to read and put their trust in Him (sic) and His (sic) eternal word.

    Not one jot nor or title etc etc

    pissed myself .

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