The new normal: 2013 Australian heat wave has no precedent

Hat tip Michael Tobis at Planet 3.0 and others:

Via Stephan Lewandowsky who writes:

Never before in recorded history has Australia experienced 5 consecutive days of national-average maximum temperatures above 39C. Until today.

And this heat is expected to continue for another 24-48 hours, extending the new record run to 6 or even 7 days.

For context, the previous record of 4 days occurred once only (1973) and 3 days has occurred only twice (1972,2002).

This information is from within the Bureau and reliable but it has not been released to the public yet–but feel free to spread.

I have enclosed a temperature map that may be of interest.

15 thoughts on “The new normal: 2013 Australian heat wave has no precedent

  1. Stuart Mathieson says:

    The day will come when denial will be recognised not just as ecocide, a move international jurists are currently considering, but genocide as well.

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    Hang on, its pretty cold in China … but somehow. that “extreme” will be due to global warming too ROFL. What a pack of crazies you are!

    • Sou says:

      Richard is a goose. Of course all weather is affected by global warming. Having more energy in the atmosphere and having warmer oceans has to affect the weather – all of it.

      Being ‘pretty cold’ is a lot different to having record heat and now happens a lot less often. He’s right in one aspect though. Northern hemisphere winters are affected by global warming, affecting the jet stream.

    • crank says:

      Erhlich calls them ‘morons’, which will do, for me, if you add ‘malignant’.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    Of course, all the immigrants who came from colder climates to Australia should have just spontaneously combusted …

    • uknowispeaksense says:

      ….and still you have nothing of value to offer. Why do you even bother? These childish quips are really quite sad and do absolutley nothing to further your cause, unless of course your cause is to draw attention to yourself like a regular run of the mill attention seeking troll. Quick everybody, lets all pay attention to little Dick. Head on over here now. He’s feeling a bit sad and lonely and needs some love.

    • Dr No says:

      Is Richard the new Eric?
      Or has Eric beaten a hasty retreat? (I suspect he has combusted by now).

      Anyway, Richard, welcome to the debate since we need another clown to laugh at.
      Your icon reminds me of the proverbial frog in a heated beaker of water – slowly, and apparently blissfully unaware, that he is boiling.

  4. Richard Ryan says:

    Debate no one
    Make up things
    Kill the Deniers
    Complete the Crusade

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