6c of devestation: surveying the impacts of a hotter Australia


At 6 degrees all bets are off…

From today’s WA Today:

The average global temperature, for night and day, is now 19 degrees, up from 14 degrees at the turn of the 20th century.

The best scientific estimates suggest that the last time it was this hot was during the Eocene, more than 30 million years ago, and long before humans turned up. Back then, temperatures rose gradually over many thousands of years. We’ve watched it happen in 100.

What is life like? Australia is both unrecognisable and strangely familiar. In the south-east, where the population is increasingly concentrated, it is hot and dry. If the average day is warmer, the warmest days are that much hotter again. Daily temperatures above 35 degrees are more frequent: there are twice as many of these scorchers in Sydney and Melbourne than a century ago.

The interactive graph (screen capped above) is worth having a look at.

In the last few months scientists and the media have been more forth coming on what many have known for some time – we are not going to restrict warming to 2 degrees. Four – even six – degrees of warming is likley.

It is even sinking in for the Murdoch press, for so long a bastion of denial.

The Australian – yes, the Murdoch paper that has waged war on science – is starting it appreciate just what is about to happen:

CLIMATE change is real. The earth is warming and the outlook is worse than scientists had previously assessed. These are the findings of a set of reports released ahead of a UN climate change conference held in Doha, Qatar, this week. 

They are not reports prepared by groups committed to the destruction of global capitalism, unless you believe this is the agenda of the World Bank and the World Meteorological Organisation.


3 thoughts on “6c of devestation: surveying the impacts of a hotter Australia

  1. uknowispeaksense says:

    So disappointed to see Eric hasn’t appeared first to tell us all it hasn’t warmed for (insert number of the day here) years and that because all the delegates fly in to Doha on fossil fuel burning jets that they don’t really believe it but are just reciting the mantra because their paymasters, the (insert whichever Jewish banking family you want here) are puuling the strings on the massive conspiracy to implement a tax.

    • Eric Worrall says:

      Whatever you’re smoking Uki, you’ve got to cut down.

      I’ve said several times that there is no evidence in the Climategate archive that alarmist scientists don’t believe what they are saying. The evidence, if anything, is that they believe too strongly. Whatever manipulation of evidence has occurred has generally been to prevent “deniers” from impeding their mission, from casting doubt on what they know in their heart to be true, even if nature sometimes doesn’t oblige with supporting evidence.

      And Doha are trying to agree a massive tax – enormous transfer payments from the West, to compensate the third world for “damage caused by climate change”. The debate is whether the payments are justified, not whether this is part of the Doha agenda.

  2. Eric Worrall says:

    It looks like Doha was a flop – no reconciliation with Japan, Canada and Russia, no limits on China and India, and a blank cheque for carbon emissions for everyone else. Even the EU got into the act, watering down its commitment to cut CO2 emissions by 20%, by claiming they had already met part of that commitment during the Kyoto period.


    Looks like your scare stories are falling flat guys.

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