The New Normal (Part 27): Brisbane swelters

From The Brisbane Times:

Brisbane is set to swelter through its hottest December day since 2001, with the  mercury tipped to climb to 39 degrees today.

In Brisbane the temperature is forecast to climb rapidly throughout the  morning, reaching 34 degrees by midday.

But the temperature will not peak until mid-afternoon, when it is set to hit  39 degrees – 10 degrees above the December average – about 3pm.

“It’s going to be very, very hot,” Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michelle  Berry said.

“It should remain quite hot even into the evening hours.”

The extremes of heat create perfect conditions for fires:

Controlled fires are presently burning at Beachmere, north of Brisbane and  near Mount Isa, where a Brisbane-based fire crew was sent on Monday.

Queensland Fire and Rescue director of rural operations Peter Varley said any  fire that started today would be extremely difficult to control.

“The farther west, the worse the conditions get,” he said.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service has mustered additional resources  across the state’s south-east should the worst occur.

A strike team from  Toowoomba arrived in Roma on Sunday and incident control points have been  established in Warwick, Dalby and Roma.

Six water bombers and two aerial  support aircrafts are also positioned across various parts of south western  Queensland.



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8 thoughts on “The New Normal (Part 27): Brisbane swelters

  1. john byatt says:

    It was about 26 here at 8AM , we are lucky as we get a south easterly off the ocean this time of year.

    eric loves the heat so at least like me he will not need A/C.

    not that i love the heat

    notice that deniers always contrast warmth with cold rather than cool

    hot…….. cold


  2. Eric Worrall says:

    Hottest since 2001? Come on Mike, you can do better than a little natural variation. And I do like this weather.

  3. Keith AB says:

    Since 2001 ! . . oh the humanity.

  4. john byatt says:

    How long before we are saying hottest since last year.

    I think that it went over their head

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