Reality hits: Even the Herald Sun is reporting on a 5C Degree world by 2100

Even the Murdoch owned Herald Sun* is reporting on the enormity of what is happening to the planet.

Since July of this year when the carbon tax came into effect and didn’t destroy the economy, the tone of the HUN has changed to from outright skeptical to more straight reporting of climate change.

Today they reported on a recent study that predicts a 5C world without giving any voice to climate sceptics:

LEVELS of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) are rising annually by around three per cent, placing Earth on track for warming that could breach 5C by 2100, a new study published says. 

The figure – among the most alarming of the latest forecasts by climate scientists – is at least double the 2C target set by UN members struggling for a global deal on climate change. 

In 2011, global carbon emissions were 54 per cent above 1990 levels, according to the research, published in the journal, Nature Climate Change, by the Global Carbon Project consortium. 

“We are on track for the highest emissions projections, which point to a rise in temperature of between 4C and 6C by the end of the century,” said Corinne le Quere, a carbon specialist at the University of East Anglia, eastern England. 

“The estimate is based on growth trends that seem likely to last,” she said in a phone interview, pointing to the mounting consumption of coal by emerging giants. 

Other research has warned of potentially catastrophic impacts from a temperature rise of this kind. 

Chronic droughts and floods would bite into farm yields, violent storms and sea-level rise would swamp coastal cities and deltas, and many species would be wiped out, unable to cope with habitat loss.

Should we pleased with the fact that people with the Murdoch empire have seen reason and are reducing the influence of the crazies?


On the one hand it is another sign of the rapidly diminishing influence of the climate scepticism and the sceptic movement.

But what amends can News Limited and Murdoch make for the decades of climate change denial and misleading the public?

That we are now approaching a world of 5C by centuries end is a tragedy. The level of suffering may dwarf the Holocaust and the wars of the 20th century.

We must urgently, desperately avert this.

* Melbourne daily with a circulation in excess of 1 million

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9 thoughts on “Reality hits: Even the Herald Sun is reporting on a 5C Degree world by 2100

  1. Adam says:

    I see Bolt is desperately flailing about trying to maintain his anti science stance by attacking Ben Cubby’s recent article. He still cons his readers by continuing to cherrypick an non global temperature set (HadCRUT3) with the ’16’ year of no warming myth.
    It would be interesting to see a ‘Destroy The Joint’ initiative against Bolt’s advertisers to see if the free market can force truthful and non misleading statements onto his communications.

  2. Cugel says:

    After what has been a dreadful year for AGW denial I think we’re seeing its abandonment by the mainstream as the crazies and irreconcilables paddle away down the backwater followed by Hollow Earthers in the past. Perhaps I’m being over-optimisitic, but I have to say that’s something I am very rarely accused of.

    AGW-deniers were only ever a skirmish-line in the real battle which is now being joined over the rate of the inevitable transition from fossil to renewable energy. There’s nothing to be gained now by trying to support or rescue what remains of them; instead the battle is to be fought out on the grounds of economics and “principles”, with the fossil interests attempting to keep environmental matters completely out of it. AGW denial does not help them with that last aim. Even the Heatland Institute seems to have recognised that and is trying to redeem itself in the eyes of its patrons by turning directly on renewables.

    Boltand his like are discovering the true meaning of Hans Christian Andersen’s story The Fir Tree. Centre of attention for a brief season they suddenly find themselves discarded, having served their purpose. That’s got to hurt. Well I like to think so, anyway.

    • Even better, we have about a decade’s worth of denialist bollocks from Bolt that we can remind him of if or when he ever tries to rewrite history in the weeks and months to come. If he ever had any credibility, it’s well and truly shot to bits and best of all, he managed to do it all by himself.

  3. john byatt says:

    And yet even more records broken

    record lowest sea ice.
    record number of cargo ships through the Arctic

  4. john byatt says:

    Doha day 5

    China expects some provinces to hit emissions peak by 2020
    Major Chinese cities are planning to set caps on their absolute
    carbon emissions, a senior official of the National Climate
    Change Expert Committee has said. Some of the cities
    planning to set an emission cap include Beijing, and Zhenjiang
    of Jiangsu province.
    China likely to have national level ETS by 2016 – Alstom at
    Doha COP 18
    At a side event organized at the COP18, an executive from
    Alstom, a global power technology major, said China will launch
    an ETS by 2016, as there is clear policy commitment in that
    direction. It was also said the countries are coordinating
    closely with different national schemes so that they don’t lose
    flexibility on linking.

  5. john byatt says:

    Put up at TCS, censored version

    john byatt said…
    you xxxx little short xxxxx cretin,
    was going to copy my comment left here re Knorr to put on unleashed to give your moronic mate cox some basic facts, you have removed it,

    you xxxxx little lying xxxx, I have been into UKISS and you are not blocked as you claim,

    looks like fulks does not have the guts to debate the issue

    xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

  6. Hi `Watching` nice post, keep an eye on Limited-News, I suspect you may be a bit over-optimistic. I am pretty sure Limited-News will return to selling their arse and credibility to industrial polluters soon enough, for a price of course.

    Do you follow the Victoria/Melbourne desal-plant stuff?
    Tip, you should. The topic would fit your blog.

    There is some TV noise about the desal-plant costing soooo much money and not being used. Duh, no drought. Then I heard that the desal-plant will only provide 1/3 of the states water needs.

    This kind of *derp is probably founded in Limited-News, if you follow where I`m coming from. (desalination)

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