The Bolt report named one of the worst shows of 2012: and we’re surprised?

The Sydney Morning Herald listing some of the worst shows of 2012, and to the surprise no one, The Bolt Report is one of them. Poor Channel 10 – they really should have known better. How could a show built around Bolt be anything but a dull and plodding.

But like a zombie, the Bolt Report refuses to die:

VIEWING figures for The Bolt Report were slightly up in 2012, which suggests either that the partisan commentator is making converts or that those who love to loathe him simply can’t resist screaming at their television sets every Sunday morning. Either way, it was hard to fault his perseverance as the newspaper columnist proved himself the scourge of dead horses everywhere, returning to favoured topics week after week. But Bolt hasn’t managed to find a decent sparring partner, and a fair degree of his initial ”I’ve got my own TV show! Me!” enthusiasm has dissipated. The show has become a forced march.

Climate sceptic Bolt will no doubt convince himself the lack of viewers is a conspiracy among left-wing scientists somehow manipulating the numbers.


37 thoughts on “The Bolt report named one of the worst shows of 2012: and we’re surprised?

  1. Sammy Jankis says:

    It’s sort of like The O’Reilly Factor, people tune in to be told what they want to hear. The quality of the information and analysis presented is entirely irrelevant. What matters is the “truthiness”. I mean, he supposedly disproved CO2 is a pollutant by opening a can of coke and having a sip — only the most myopic right-wing zombies would view that as a stinging rebuke of climate science.

  2. EoR says:

    Millions of people watch The Blot Report every day!!1! The real numbers have been distorted by a ‘trick’ created by the UN Overlords!1!! Don’t let ‘them’ fool you!11!

  3. john byatt says:

    the latest conspiracy troops, they are onto us, this world domination racket is getting harder,

  4. rubber taster says:

    One of the worst?

    The worst. Hands down.

  5. […] 2012/11/29: WtD: The Bolt report named one of the worst shows of 2012: and we’re surprised? […]

  6. honest says:

    i watch Bolt report every sunday ,I like the report ,the only programme I watch on sunday mornings.well done Mr.Bolt,keep it up and do not give up

  7. Wayne says:

    I look forward to the Bolt Report in 3013 and it is a breath of fresh air to have another point of view instead of all left wing brown noise journalists flooding us with their propaganda from the crying Greene distraught about some Asylum Seeker minor who was not invited here to the PM known as ‘Pinocchio who hasn’t the guts to face Bolt.

  8. high treason says:

    Another thumbs up for Bolt. It is essential viewing in this household. What is telling is the huge number of commercials-obviously the advertisers know that there is a good audience for the show. A show cannot be bad if the audience is rising, but of course a left-leaning media outlet would have to make such negative comments. I am eagerly awaiting the 2013 return. I wonder if the PM will have the intestinal fortitude to front up and justify her actions.

  9. kroolty says:

    Love him.. he is not afraid of any of them

  10. Haydn Gregson says:


  11. Jewells says:

    I enjoy the Bolt Report because he has the courage to stand up for his convictions, balances the bias of the left with good investigative journalism and speaks alot of common sense. I agree ith Gregson, give us one hour of Bolt channel 10!

  12. Pb says:

    When is Andrew Bolt coming back to Ten? I miss his great show. I agree with other comments it should be a full hour. Political pressure on Ten may be the reason he has not come back. Great opportunity for another network to pick up this great presenter if Ten bows to pressure.

  13. Wayne says:

    Society in Australia needs more then deeply incrusted brown nose journalists with their left wing views forced on them by their media bosses. We do not see Bolt crying over illegal asylum seekers or begging forgiveness for acts committed by past British overlords or telling us how the liberals have failed Australians on the international scene. It is time to stop putting down the only journalist who is in my eyes has the guts to speak truthfully and with an honest view from his perspective. Can’t wait until he is back as I am sick of the labour, greens propaganda from the ABC every Sunday.

  14. Alec says:

    No totalitarian regime/system likes/liked the truth and criticism – the base for the true democracy. Are we getting into this faze in this Country under the govt of the day representing only approximately 18% unionised work force, 11% lunatics/ fanatics, and 100% of the PM ego?

  15. Geoff says:

    Is there any truth in the rumour that “10′” was forced to scrap The Bolt Report as it was getting too close to the truth and thus conflicted with Labour/Green idology

  16. Norman says:

    I do not think this present government could run a P… Up in a brewery,as for independents…well well well, all in it for their own agendas..roll on the election I am saving a bottle of bubbly just to toast the gangs downfall…hurry up bring it on Julia..What a wonderful picture the unions present…….Frankly I am disgusted

  17. Bob says:

    Bolt Is awesome. The person who wrote this article is a jealous, inferior loser. Enough said.

  18. Trev says:

    Trev says:

    Barry Cassidy makes the Bolt Report compulsory viewing.

  19. Derek Dutton says:

    I detest ABC left interveiwers. The cringe to Labor and Muslims, Interrogate Liberals. If Labor is for the workers, why the removal of th single mothers allowance.Wheres the JOBS ? 8 years out of the workforce is boiig disadvantage to geting a job. Then the cost of fares or petrol.parking. Where is the protection for low income earners with massive interest short loans. Those who say polticians earn their money,just dont know how giagnatically incomptent they are. Bilions wasted on silly agenda’s. More on useless wind and solar,which cant close one coal fired power station. Only produce high electricty costs. . Dumped by britains environmetalists after 6 years study. But the sheep carry on. No wonnder H L Menken said .” the art of democaracy is running the circus from the monkey cage ” Incidentally I doid not have a even a wooden spoon in my great depression childhood but I stil detest left wingers, Ofttn humourless, opiniated, they must prevail. Stuck with class warfare.

  20. John D says:

    LOL…what a laugh. The Bolt Report is one of the better shows going and to say it’s one of the worst show in 2012 is just a utter joke. The only people that would say that would be labor voters and no brainers. Good Job Andrew keep it up.

  21. Scotty from Perth says:

    The left hate Bolta because they can`t handle the truth. Keep it up AB, you rule…….

  22. Gary Crockett says:

    I watch the Bolt Report and think it is a great show. Most of what Andrew Bolt talks about is true and is what most people are actually thinking. That is why the show is so popular. The Herald Sun and the papers have an adjenda to support their fat government media advertising incomes that is why they trot out this sort of rubbish and that is why the convoy of no confidence was under reported and twisted to make it appear few people were there when thousands were there.

    • john byatt says:

      Agree about the convoy Gary, they were made to look like a convoy of mental dullards and stupid old farts and retards. (power of the media)

      they came across as out of touch with reality and appeared to be climate change deniers and conspiracy theorists, creationists and in general the lunatic fringe.

      they where however well supported by Bolt and Jones.

      would not go so far though as to say that most of what Andrew says is true, might accept ten percent of what he says is true or even eleven percent, think that you might be pushing it a bit.

  23. d h chaplin says:

    I’ve long voted on the right of politics, both here and overseas. We used to have intelligent policies, well researched commentators and more integrity than the rest.

    Bolt is an embarrassment for the right I was once happy to support. He is no better than Fox News. He often appears lazy with his research [which is why he lost his defamation case], and seems to pre-judge issues. Perhaps his knee jerk reactions are just the tabloid chase for ratings.

    Many of the comments above illustrate the mindless following he has gathered.

    I certainly will not be voting for the left, [“You don’t eat s__t because you don’t like spinach”], but it is high time we lifted the debate above “left wing/green conspiracies”, climate change denial and simply being reactionary.

    We need to lead this country back to economic success and put in place well thought out policies that will ensure future growth and prosperity across all sectors. We cannot afford to rely on exporting mineral deposits that we later import as value added goods. That is how third world countries work.

    Bolt adds nothing to the great debate and, in my opinion, is third rate.

  24. Alex says:

    To transform your [“You don’t eat s__t because you don’t like spinach”] I might say: if you like spinach eat s..t?!
    The points are to show the mob of the day hostility towards the NATION, totally submissive to approx. 17% unionised workforce (and the other fanatics, meaning: greenies), also totally unfit to manage the national economy. And this is what Andrew Bolt Report exposes.
    Since 1983 (became a citizen) I never ever voted for leftists (I know this kind after escaped the communist’s regime in the East Europe). You, Australians take many things for granted not knowing what evil leftists represent!
    This nation of good, compassionate, friendly people now in the materialistic, cruel world is susceptible to abuse its naivety.
    This is Australia! I suggest more patriotism, and national pride!
    The Illuminatis are awake!

    • zoot says:

      Your foil hat is ready Alex. It will be delivered to you by one of our dependable lizard people. And because you ordered from the Bolt Report web page you also get, absolutely free, a copy of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Keep up the good work!

  25. cheeky says: great big fat fibber…you escaped eastern europe regimes headed by lefties??? expose yourself (and that telling referral to the illuminati)….pish posh..the greatest conspiracy across history and the world is the ignorance of the fact that right wing idealogy gave rise to oppressive regimes in europe…

  26. Marge says:

    Love The Bolt Report. I just wish the dopes who vote Labor watched it.

  27. Barry Depledge says:

    best to look up Bolt on wikipedia to get information on the mans deeds in the courts of our land. only 24 references to the information…

  28. Phil says:

    I watch it just to see the silly thing he says.

    My favourite is when he whinges about the ABC being biased. This coming from Andrew Bolt!!, possibly the most right-biased bloke around. Let’s face it nobody sits on Andrews right.

    I kind of expect the fast talk at the end normally reserved for election adds. “Written and approved by the liberal party Canberra”

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