Back soon, moving home!

Currently moving into a new apartment/flat… taking longer then usual and no interwebz!



8 thoughts on “Back soon, moving home!

  1. john byatt says:

    Loved this reply in the Port independent this morning
    reference my letter re the climate sceptics party

    In the Southern Free Times, 25th Oct, one writer belittles the climate change skeptics. So much for freedom of speech, but it reflects the mentality of pseudo scientists who refuse to accept contrary evidence that would jeopardize their jobs. For example they refused to allow the scientist Lord Moncton to speak in Australia. Thousands of scientists have contrary views, so why are they not heard, in the interest of fairness?
    There is a climate change policy by those in power who want to change our lives to further enslave us. Christ will change us for the better if we let Him. When we allow Him to change us spiritually there will be no need for fascism.
    There is a change coming. Nature is in convulsion as men disobey God’s Holy Law. The change will come when Our Savior returns and every knee will bow in submission. While some will welcome Christ, others will be silenced. Where will you be? We have a little time to change our attitude.
    Scientist cannot define, or love, and they try to define truth as they see it. God gives us all time accept truth. But when time ends each person’s destiny is sealed, God shows His love to us by allowing us time to come to knowledge of His truth.
    Charles Gaitskell

    One of eric mates, no reply required


  2. john byatt says:


    Some obscure reference to Obama may introduce Carbon Tax

    most of them jump to, Obama is trying to introduce carbon tax

    they have already worked out his underhand way how he will accomplish that

    they are f******g nuts

    eric’s mates

  3. john byatt says:

    Classic reply from Stephan LEW at eli blog

    To all you americans moving to Australia if obama wins

  4. john byatt says:

    China saves twelve billion $US on elections

    watch him bite

  5. john byatt says:

    Florida still counting

    remember this

    The final margin in the sate of Florida: 5 votes to 4 votes. The thing about that, it’s an 11 percent victory margin for George W. Bush…but it looks like one of the most surprising things about this Florida vote is that George W. Bush got 100 percent of the African American vote.” -Jon Stewart, on the majority U.S. Supreme Court ruling joined by Justice Clarence Thomas

  6. john byatt says:

    Over 1.5DegC and into the danger zone in just 23 years from now?

  7. Best of luck with the move!

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