End of days? Carbon tax scare passes into oblivion

Why – oh why – is this not at all surprising? And just who are the “alarmists”? From Stock and Land:

Day after day, week after week, month after month, Tony Abbott’s opening words in parliamentary question time were almost always the same. It was almost invariably a question to put Julia Gillard on the spot on the carbon tax. 

“Will the Prime Minister apologise to the people,” it would typically run, “for jeopardising investment and jobs by breaking her solemn pledge that there will be no carbon tax under the government she leads?” Or a variation on the theme. 

It was usually delivered with a triumphal air. And it was usually just the first of many opposition questions on the matter for the day. In June, in the run-up to the advent of the tax on July 1, the opposition devoted an average of six questions a day to the subject. 

That’s six out of eight or nine opposition questions in a typical question time. It was not a monomaniacal fixation, but it was as close as it gets. 

When Parliament resumed in August after the winter recess, the opposition kept up the attack, but its enthusiasm seemed to wane. The daily average number of questions fell to four. 

Then, on the last sitting day of August, something changed. Abbott’s first question to Gillard was about mining and he didn’t trouble her about the C word all day. That was August 22. 

He hasn’t asked her about it since. True, he hasn’t had many opportunities. After her father’s death, Gillard took leave from Parliament. But even when Abbott had the chance again on Wednesday, he didn’t take it. He asked her about the budget. 

And the Coalition as a whole asked the government an average of just one question a day about it in September. 

What’s happened? It’s very clear. The carbon tax has been in place for nearly three months now, and Australians are finding that it’s not the fearsome End of Days that the Abbott of Doom had foretold.

15 thoughts on “End of days? Carbon tax scare passes into oblivion

  1. Tony Duncan says:

    the problem is that in order to get the outrage agasint action on climate change there HAS to be alarmism about the economic devastation it will bring. otherwise, it makes no sense not to do SOMETHING even just as insurance. I jhave argued for a long while that our rather fragile economies have quite a bit of slack in them to cover at least initial concerted action to significantly decrease CO2 production, since so much economic productivity is really on wasted meaningless services and products. No way that one could implement enough money losing green projects to come close to what we went through in capital destruction ion 2008.
    But in order to maintain the fight it HAS to be devastating.

    • Watching the Deniers says:

      In truth the skeptic/denier/conservative argument suggested our economies were so weak that the slightest attempt at reform/realignment would be “devastating” – which if that was the case, the need for reform would have been even greater. They inadvertently argued against their position without realizing it.

  2. Sammy Jankis says:

    It certainly has gone quiet on the carbonocolypse front. I remember in the fortnight or so after carbon pricing began the Murdoch press was inviting anyone going out of business to blame it on the GREAT BIG TAX, but it’s been struggling to maintain that campaign when people keep checking the actual impacts of carbon pricing on those businesses:

    ‘What’s that, pizza shop owner? The price of pizza boxes has gone up under the carbon tax and it’s too hard for you to compete? I see. How much have they gone up by? 2.5% you say? I see. So, what does that translate to for each pizza box? You haven’t worked it out? Ok, I’ll help. It looks like you can pick up 100 pizza boxes for $40, which is 40 cents per box. A 2.5% increase would see pizza box prices go up by 1 cent per box. Yes, that’s right – 1 cent. So, a large size pizza that you currently sell for $14.95 would now have to cost $14.96 to cover the cost. You’re telling me you can’t pass that cost on? Is there a pizza shop nearby that doesn’t sell its pizzas in boxes?

    Then the Abbott/Olympic Dam/7:30 Report thing happened. You can understand why they might go a bit quiet after that.

  3. zoot says:

    I’m still confident Whyalla will disappear …

    … any day now …

    … you mark my words.


  4. EoR says:

    The deniers are simply regrouping for the Great 2013 World Tour of Lord Christopher “Look at the Nazis!” Monckton. You can help by giving generously (anything up to $10,000) to the Lord Monckton Foundation: “The wall of the West, the redoubt of reason, the sentinel of science, the fortress of freedom, and the defender of democracy”. It’s a registered charitable institution. I kid you not.

    Charitygate, anyone?

  5. Won’t the world’s climate be a safer place if we all just let A. “Nasty” Abbott become PM for just one day – so he could finally go home to Mumsy and say “I did it ! Top of the World, Ma!”

    And then finally he might leave the rest of us alone to get on with restoring our planet to health ?

  6. Watching the Deniers says:

    I note the silence of the “sceptical” crowd on this issue. Economic Armageddon did not come to pass…

    • Moth says:

      That was the forecast I made a while ago; it’s all crying the sky is falling. It’s doomsday prophecies. Of course, they not only relentlessly shrug off such dire predictions when they fail to pass, by more annoyingly move onto the next prediction with no less enthusiasm as they had for the previous one.

      It’s psychotic, nothing less.

  7. Moth says:

    It does expose the true scaremongerer’s and alarmists;

  8. Cugel says:

    This was utterly predictable, and would clearly expose the alarmism and hyperbole to any reasoning mind. But reasoning minds were never the target, of course. Now it becomes a non-issue and the next short-term expedient (“We have entered a long-term cooling trend”, “Arctic sea-ice is recovering”, “No warming since early August”) will be grasped at.

    This outcome was always a denier nightmare, which is why so many US dollars were shovelled into the campaign. Another incident in a very bad year for denial. Great hopes must now be riding on a US Republican win this November.

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