Malcolm in the middle? Turnball on the lack trust in Australian politics and the state of the climate debate

Well said Malcolm Turnbull (conservative LNP politician):

“….he has strongly attacked the narrow focus of Parliament question time, urging that the prime minister only appear on some days, leaving ministers to be probed on a wider range of issues.

Advertisement ”For the last two years the questions from the opposition have been almost entirely focused on people smuggling and the carbon tax. Are they really the only important issues facing Australia?” he said.”


“Many if not most Australians believed important issues were being overlooked or routinely misrepresented. All too often the system rewarded spin, exaggeration and misstatements, Mr Turnbull said. He instanced the ”hopeless, confused, hyper-partisan nature” of the climate change debate. In 2010 Mr Turnbull crossed the floor to vote in support of Labor’s emissions trading scheme….”

One wonders what both progressives (ALP, Green) and conservatives (LNP) could achieve if they – for but a moment even – put aside partisan sniping and look to the future.  

Our future.

The future of my daughter.

Climate change transcends all political divisions: we need all sides of politics to work through the challenge. The role of conservatives could be invaluable in debating:

  • what is the extent of government intervention?
  • what is the appropriate level of regulation for markets?
  • what about the individuals rights?

All of these are vital questions not being addressed – indeed, these questions are grounds for a rich and rewarding debate.

I have a dream: that climate change brings out the best of our species. That the collective opinions and voices of conservatives, centrists and progressives unite to tackle the problem.

I want that discussion and debate.

Instead we have….

Well, we all know what we have.


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