Quote of the day: “It takes trust among many to build a 747”

Ignoring science can lead to fatal results

The Conversation has published an article – which I will republish in full shortly – on the “mega-trends” tipped to influence Australia’s future.

Within the article is a lovely quote which sums up why I trust the world’s scientists when it comes to climate change:

No one person has sufficient knowledge to build and fly a Boeing 747 from Singapore to London. Nor would one person have all the knowledge and skill to create a sustainable aquaculture industry. We can only achieve these outcomes by taking one person’s ideas and through collaboration, connection and trust, adding them to the ideas of many other people…

The science supporting our understanding of climate change is the based upon the work of tens of thousands of individual researchers across the globe. They may have their specialities – from watching Arctic sea ice, studying what is happening to the world’s oceans and analysing satellite data – but collectively their research tells us all we need to know.

No one person can understand climate change: our understanding is built upon the scientific method, collaboration and the trust – fully justified – we place in the world’s scientific community.

The entire campaign waged by the deniers is aimed at undermining our trust in science.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Who would you have build a 747?

The climate deniers, or the world’s scientists?

I think the choice is easy.


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