QoD: the King’s Speech and finding one’s voice

Without doubt, The Kings Speech is a film loved by many.

But for me it has a special place: as many readers appreciate (and helpfully point out) I’m constantly waging a war against typographical and grammatical errors.

I’m aware – and frustrated by this – as anyone. But I have struggled with this nearly my entire life.

Without getting into too much detail, I grew up and attended schools in Dandenong: a decidedly working/lower middle class suburb here in Melbourne. I had wonderful teachers, some of whom personally took me aside in order to encourage my ambitions . They may have been overwhelmed by large class sizes and a critical shortage of funding and resources, but they gave a damn. I was bookish, less inclined to follow the popular crowd and excelled in art, literature and history.

Bookish nerd + slight learning disability + Dandenong.

You do the maths dear reader.

The encouragement of those teachers over twenty years ago got me to where I am today.

They told me to go to university, something I’d never even considered.

They helped me believe I had a better future.

My debt of gratitude to those wonderful teachers is hard to express.

So when I began writing this blog I was very appreciative of my shortcomings.

But I have a voice.

I wish to be heard.

I shall be heard.

I wish I could find those teachers who helped me have faith in my own talents and abilities: if I could tell them one thing about present life, I would talk about my love for writing and this blog.

Indeed, for any educator out there who may read this: thank you.

The difference you can make is profound.

Which is why this film, in particular its closing scene, nearly always brings me to tears.

Because those of us who struggle to find a voice can find one.


5 thoughts on “QoD: the King’s Speech and finding one’s voice

  1. uknowispeaksense says:

    Mike, I have always found that when detractors start to pick on grammar it just highlights the weakness of their arguments. When the discussion is about something as important as climate change and the tremendous potential for damage it has, if they have to nitpick on something as insignificant as grammar….well, it speaks volumes. I always wear their pettiness as a badge of honour.

  2. Sou says:

    Mike, another inspiring post. You know that your ability to quickly pull together a blog article is a constant source of inspiration. And the imagery you invoke is wonderful.

    As a child, I almost always ranked top in any spelling bee and, over the years, grammar pedants have imparted much wisdom – some of which I even absorbed. Yet after I’ve clicked the ‘publish’ button I can see that almost every post of mine has at least one spelling mistake, missed words and/or bad grammar, many more of these sort of ‘mistakes’ than yours do.

    On that basis I have to agree with unknowispeaksense – who almost always makes sense 🙂

    (That last was a joke – I agree with what unknowispeaksense said on any basis!)

    • uknowispeaksense says:

      uknowispeaksense=uknowidon’ttakeoffense and if you think I make sense all the time then I should employ you to tell me what it is I’ve said sometimes. ;0)

  3. Sou says:

    Ha ha – note I wrote ‘what uknowispeaksense said’ (meaning this time around) and ‘on any basis’ meaning = it’s not just because I too make lots of mistakes in blog posts.

    Otherwise I’d have to say, it’s on a post-by-post basis 🙂

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