The new normal (part 19): NE Brazil experiences worst drought in 50 years, people killed over water

Those who mocked the concept of water wars should pay attention:

North-eastern Brazil has seen the worst drought in half a century which has been causing havoc on more than 1,100 towns. 

Animals have been affected, with hundreds reportedly wasting away and ‘water wars’ breaking out between local people. 

Farms and crops have dying due to the shortage in water, endangering the lives of local people and their livestock. The Brazilian government have reduced its forecast for corn, soy and bean crops. 

The area of Pernambuco has seen 66 municipalities on water emergencies, with rivers running completely dry. 

As in other parts of Brazil, power and corruption has seen an up rise due to the drought. Many water deliveries are only made if customers promise to vote for certain local candidates. 

On average, one person a day is killed from ‘water wars’ which involve locals fighting over scarce supplies


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