Conspiracy research library

I’ve restructured the section Sceptic Conspiracies to make it more accessible. It now includes pages on individual topics and a page dedicated to research materials including academic papers, articles and books.

In many ways I views this as the most important and valuable contribution I can make to understanding climate change denial.

While my posts can cover a broad range of subjects (being the views and opinions of the author of WtD), I would refer readers to Sceptic Conspiracies as the “heart” of WtD.

Readers are welcome to send me items of interest.

Mike @ WtD


3 thoughts on “Conspiracy research library

  1. EoR says:

    This might be of interest, if only to demonstrate just how out of touch the conspiracy theorists are.

    A Texas judge stands up defiantly to the UN invasion. On Fox News though, so it will probably be accepted by the viewers. Strangely, he wants to raise taxes in order to defeat the UN troops. Not sure how that will go down with the Tea Party Set.

  2. Sou says:

    Not sure if this is the place to post it, but Ben Cubby pointed me to a blog article in the Australian by Jo Nova, in which she rants (somewhat unintelligibly) about the recent article by Robert Manne.

    One of her delusions seems to be that there are ‘thousands’ of scientific papers ‘denying’ global warming. It’s a common cry from paranoid conspiracy theorists and completely false. Apart from poptech’s ridiculous 400 or whatever he’s got now (almost none of which deny global warming and most of which report the opposite, if they are published), I don’t know of anyone who’s attempted to document this.

    She is seriously deluded and AFAIK her ideas are as wacko as those of her partner. Can’t think why even the ridiculous Oz would give her space. I’d have thought her too weird even for that rag.

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