Tin foil hat anyone? New library brings together research climate on sceptic conspiracies

A new page is going up so readers can easily source the posts and materials on conspiracy culture. Over time this will grow as I publish further commentary and original materials on the conspiracy claims of some parts of the climate change movement.

It will be part of the menu above titled “Sceptic Conspiracies”.

Note the following is discussed:

  • the work of Dr David Evans
  • the Galileo Movement and it’s repudiation by prominent climate sceptic and New Ltd columnist Andrew Bolt
  • the “watermelon” theory and how it is simply a manifestation of “reds under the bed” paranoia

More is coming.

In fact, a great deal more.

One thought on “Tin foil hat anyone? New library brings together research climate on sceptic conspiracies

  1. Suppose you are a DENIER cum SKEPTIC and your honest scientific beliefs teach you that wrenching changes in the Natural World are literally *impossible* and that only moderate oscillations up and down around an eternal norm are possible .

    That is, you un-skeptically believe in the sort of self-flattering-to-humanity type of science that is still taught in our High Schools.

    Then you must account , if only in your own mind, for why hundreds of millions of other, decent, honest, ordinary people seem so convinced that the climate is drastically and maybe even permanently changing.

    To deniers, the only possible rational reason is that these decent honest people have been conned by a conspiracy, with either profit or domination the co-consprators’ true ultimate aim.

    We WARMISTS must equally ask ourselves why so many ordinary people on the other side believe so readily in conspiracy wackiness – unless their scientific beliefs have left them with no alternative explanation……

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