Scotland the brave: clean energy future for a small country


I was forwarded this article which shows how Scotland is making the transition to a clean energy future.  The source is from a web site called, which initially gave me pause.

It is an interview with Alex Salmond,  the First Minister for Scotland and who is noted for championing renewable energy. The content of the article is well worth the read, especially about the push for renewable energy.

Good quote from Salmond here:

Scotland has a natural competitive advantage in the transition to the low carbon economy given our vast renewable energy resources and our history of technological innovation. We believe that our competitive advantage lies in being at the forefront of technological innovation: this is achievable for a small nation. We want to make Scotland the destination for international investment in low carbon, and for the development of the financial architecture for a global low carbon economy, by operating at the forefront of development of clean energy. You also have to provide investment certainty. In 2009 the Scottish Parliament unanimously passed The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. This groundbreaking piece of legislation sets a world-leading target of at least a 42% cut in national greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 compared to 1990. As well as having all-party support, the Scottish legislation received support from across Scottish civil society such as business organisations, trade unions and environmental groups. The aim of the Act was to provide certainty for businesses and the public about Scotland’s low carbon future. We have backed up the legislation with a comprehensive delivery framework. So business, and investors know that Scotland is serious about leading the low carbon transition and International energy companies are making Scotland their base for research and development in offshore wind and marine energy. 

Climate change campaigner and Nobel Laureate Al Gore praised Scotland’s commitment to renewables when he said: “Scotland has not only provided inspiring leadership, you are exploiting one of the greatest resources anywhere on the planet, with wind onshore and particularly offshore, all sorts of variety of windmills – and the new renewable technologies are especially important”. So clearly, major international figures think we have the framework right in Scotland.”

See also the article from, “Scotland guns for 100% renewable energy by 2020”.

Hat tip James Stafford.


4 thoughts on “Scotland the brave: clean energy future for a small country

  1. john byatt says:

    So we will increase our emissions and call it a reduction

    Australia remains on track to meet its Kyoto Protocol target of limiting average annual emissions over the Kyoto Protocol’s first commitment period (2008 to 2012) to 108 per cent of 1990 levels. Australia’s emissions are projected to average around 580 Mt CO2-e per year over 2008 to 2012, which is 106 per cent of 1990 levels. Without further policy action, Australia’s emissions are projected to continue to increase. In 2020, emissions are projected to reach 686 Mt CO2-e, or 24 per cent above 2000 levels. Australia’s unconditional target of 5 per cent represents a 23 per cent decline below business as usual.

  2. clegyrboia says:

    the small ones dare the big ones bent

  3. bexcobham says:

    I am in England and the Coalition (Conservative and Liberal government) are already trying to worm their way out of having to meet their carbon emission targets, yet they can justify spending tax payer’s money to bomb Muslims. It’s very sad indeed and I wonder how much of an impact the wars or ‘not wars’ are making in terms of energy use and pollution (not to mention human suffering).

    I wish they would concentrate on making renewable energy solutions such as Solar PV arrays, pellet boilers etc more affordable to the average person, because only the affluent can afford these technologies at the moment.

    Scotland is doing really well, but when it comes to wind turbines in England, it’s a case of ‘not in my back yard’.

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