DeSmogBlog picks up on the Galileo Movement and Evans “banking families” conspiracy theory

Graham Readfern has written a piece on both the Galileo movement and David Evans work:

Bolt then asked to be removed from the list of the Galileo Movement’s advisers, which is a veritable who’s who of climate science denial, listing the likes of Lord Christopher Monckton, Richard Lindzen, Fred Singer, Bob Carter, Ian Plimer and the Cato Institute’s Pat Michaels. Popular Sydney radio host Alan Jones is Galileo’s patron. Will any of them feel the need to follow Bolt?

In the comments section, Roberts claimed his words were not anti-semitic and that “Some of my friends and those who I respect, admire and value enormously for their achievements are Jewish.” But Roberts then offered to educate Bolt on “major international banking families”, “cabals” and pushes for “global governance”.

Bolt’s defection does put him in something of an awkward position, not least because one of the people who Roberts recommends to Bolt for more on his banking theories is David Evans, who is one of Bolt’s favourite skeptics. For example, Bolt cites Evans here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and, well, you get the picture.

Evans, the husband of climate sceptic blogger JoNova, once outlined his thesis in a 2009 paper published by the Science and Public Policy Institute titled Manufacturing Money, and Global Warming. Naming the “Rothschilds”,

Desmogblog (

It’s good to see the work of Evans is being reviewed and now makinng its way into the mainstream.




5 thoughts on “DeSmogBlog picks up on the Galileo Movement and Evans “banking families” conspiracy theory

  1. I am glad – as a Cdn – that deSmogBlog did run with this – I emailed the story to its editor about a week ago when I noticed nothing on it.

    Good of WTD to keep the pressure on this story – it would have died without your constant and detailed /well researched – posts !

  2. In the comments under Andrew Bolt’s post about Malcolm Roberts, one of the commenters claimed that one of the two founders of The Galileo Movement had long been married to a Jewish woman.
    If so, it must be awkward when Nova-Evans-Roberts turn up at family barbies and talk turns – as it will – to changes in the climate…..

  3. […] which unfortunately associates the dead genius with a bat-crazy movement against science with a slightly anti-Semitic vibe (not to mention, a plot, centuries in the making, by international bankers to take over the […]

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