Fairfax starts trumpeting Rinehart’s agenda: today’s op-ed by climate crank David Evans

It should come no surprise that The Age has started publishing opinion pieces sceptical of climate change after Gina Rinehart’s share buying spree and the appointment of her close friend Jack Cowen to the Fairfax board.

Today The Age published a piece by climate crank David Evans:

“…There are huge vested interests in the theory of man-made climate change. They will soon have to face up to the fact that they have been unwittingly relying on assumed amplification by humidity for most of the predicted temperature increases, and that the amplification is not there in reality.”

Oh lordy!

And so it begins.

Gina Rinehart – who now has a huge stake in Fairfax – has spoken approvingly of Evans work (see here):

”Further you may wish to consider the scientist and mathematician, Dr David Evans view in an article titled “Evidence Speaks – It’s a Scam”, he has recently provided four other evidential tests against which global warming can be assessed, which have been independently confirmed by others.

The four key pieces of evidence that Evans presents, and the graphs which relate to each, are available here at (http://sciencespeak.com/evidence.pdf). They concern the complex computer climate models that provide the main basis for warming alarmism…”

Evans is the man who likes to call himself a “rocket” scientist”, even though he has not worked at NASA.

He also “suspects” a vast cabal of banking families are behind the “climate scam”.

To quote Evans himself:

“…There are a small number of families who, over the centuries, have amassed wealth through financial rent seeking. They are leading members of the paper aristocracy. For example, the Rothschild’s are the biggest banking family in Europe, and were reputed to own half of all western industry in 1900. That sort of wealth doesn’t just dissipate, because unless the managers are incompetent the wealth tends to concentrate. The banking families don’t work for a living in the normal sense, like the rest of us. They avoid scrutiny and envy by blending in and make themselves invisible. Since they own or influence all sorts of media organizations, it isn’t too hard. There are unsubstantiated rumors and conspiracy theories, but nobody can really credibly say how much wealth and influence they have…

And Fairfax feels fit to give such cranks a public platform? Actually, I’m not at all surprised. This leaves no doubt that the Rinehart is seeking to use Fairfax to push her agenda.

So that completes the circle: News Corporation and now Fairfax in the hands of billionaire climate change deniers.

We all saw this coming.


11 thoughts on “Fairfax starts trumpeting Rinehart’s agenda: today’s op-ed by climate crank David Evans

  1. uknowispeaksense says:

    There are huge vested interests in the misrepresentation of AGW in the popular press.

  2. john byatt says:

    How sad that the Age is now a part of the misinformation campaign
    they cut the comments off very quickly,

  3. Sammy Jankis says:

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Fairfax will right the balance tomorrow by publishing 99 articles by climate scientists explaining how David Evans doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about…

  4. Rothschild, Rinehart, is there a difference?

  5. DarylD says:

    Hmm, an interesting piece of denialati gish gallop of complete head in posterior horse hockey nonsense.

    Since the comments section is closed, I used the feedback form, to send a letter to “The Age”, complaining about this incompetent bozo called “David Evans”, in addaition, I suggested that the editor, make these clowns complete a self interest statement on the lines of “The Conversation”.

    Now, if they get one complaint they will ignore it, but as Arlo Guthrie wrote in the lyrics of his song “Alice’s Restaurant” : “And can you, can you imagine fifty people a day,I said
    fifty people a day walking in singin a bar of Alice’s Restaurant and
    walking out. And friends they may thinks it’s a movement.”

  6. Thank you once again Mike, your blog is required reading for me in Canada and your extensive links on this story priceless. I have reported on this story and credited you for it.

    Climate change is being won or lost in the English-speaking world, for whatever cultural reasons, we will have to let future historians assess , if there are any historians left 100 years from now.

    Australia has only 5% of that English-speaking world’s population but it is ground zero for the climate change debate – what happens in Australia echoes quickly elsewhere.

  7. Sammy Jankis says:

    A good response to Evans’nonsense in the letters pages:

    Science of warming is a matter of fact

    DAVID Evans’ article ”Climate change science is a load of hot air and warmists are wrong” (Comment, 2/8) needs elaboration. The author, despite his employment with the Australian Greenhouse Office, has no expertise in climate science. He has a PhD in electrical engineering and tertiary qualifications in mathematics and physics. He understands modelling and computers but is not a climate modeller. He has never published a peer-reviewed paper on climate change.

    In 2009 Evans published an article titled ”Manufacturing money, and global warming” through Lord Monckton’s notorious denial think-tank, the Science and Public Policy Institute. This article reveals him as a major league conspiracy theorist. In it he links his discredited objections to the findings of the world’s climate scientists to a global conspiracy of powerful banking families to increase their wealth and power. By publishing his article, The Age implies that the science and reality of global warming is a matter of opinion and that Evans’ opinions on the topic should be taken seriously. Neither is true.

    Doug Evans, Clifton Hill

  8. David Irving (no relation) says:

    AGW driven by banking families?

    He’s obviously been reading “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

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