“Great big tax” scare campaign deflates: 52% Aussies say they are not worse under carbon price

Not a surprise really, latest opinion polls indicate the majority of Australian’s don’t think they are worse off under the carbon price (see below). But Abbott and the denial cheer squad knew this fact:

The latest Nielsen poll has found that the number of people dissatisfied with the carbon tax has fallen significantly since the legislation was introduced on July 1.

The Government has been working to sell the tax to voters while the Opposition has continued its claims the policy will increase cost of living pressures.

The latest Nielsen survey of 1,400 people is the first to be taken since the introduction of the tax.

It found 38 per cent of voters felt they were worse off under the tax, a drop of 13 points since the last poll was taken a month ago.

Fifty-two per cent said it had made no difference – an increase of 15 points.

However only 5 per cent of respondents believed they were better off under the policy.

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet says the results show the reality of the tax is setting in.

“Now that the carbon price is in people can test Tony Abbott’s deceit against their actual experience and they are finding that Tony Abbott has been deceitful,” he said.


2 thoughts on ““Great big tax” scare campaign deflates: 52% Aussies say they are not worse under carbon price

  1. Christine says:

    Great news – not surprising, but still nice to know. As British Columbians have known for years, a carbon tax is not a big scary thing except to the fossil fuel industry.
    The tide is turning.

  2. john byatt says:

    Of course the tax will hardly be noticed. why?
    the price is $23 a tonne, but after taking into account the amount of government assistance to the big polluters it comes down to about $1.27 a tonne.

    The tax should be recognised as the very small first step that it is, not the panacea.

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